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Friday, June 11, 2010

Urban Survival Weapons – Rifle/Shotgun Combination Guns

Months back wrote about the M-6 Aircrew Rifle (to see the past post click here) as it’s suitability for a “pure” survival firearm, meaning one meant to procure game as opposed to a defensive firearms. The M6 Aircrew Rifle as you’ll remember was meant as a survival firearm, mainly for game procurement, for down air crews,…… hence the name “Aircrew Rifle”. These guns are no longer manufactured, but if you can find one, you’ll be paying around $400.

Recently we were asked about other combination rifle - shotgun’s such as the Savage Model 24 series, over and under rifle-shotgun combination. Savage makes very good, high quality firearms and it is no exception to the Model 24 Series. Available in several rifle calibers: .22 Magnum, .22 Hornet, .17 HMR, .223 Remington, .357 Magnum and .30-30 Winchester ; and two shotgun gauges: 12 gauge and 20 gauge, this combination gun provides the user with the ability to take rabbits to deer, quail to turkey.

Savage Model 24 Combination guns are no longer made, but if you could find one, you would have to pay in the range of $450 for the .22 WMR – 20 gauge version and up to $1,500 for the .357 Magnum – 20 gauge model. We have shot a version of this rifle, in .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire and 20 gauge, and the gun had a decent enough trigger to take rabbits at 25-30 yards.

If anyone was fixated on getting a Savage Model 24 combination gun I would suggest a .223 Remington and 12 gauge, as it is probable provides the best capabilities and the ammunition is more readily available than say the .22 Hornet and 20 gauge.

There is another gun option with the EAA-Baikal IZH Model 94MP Combination Gun, an import model available through most Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealers albeit at a hefty cost,…around $1,200.

The EAA-Baikal IZH Model 94MP Combination Rifle-Shotgun is available in several combination gauges/calibers:

12 gauge / .223 Remington

12 gauge / .30-06 Springfield

12 gauge / .308 Winchester

12 gauge / .45-70 Government

410 gauge / .17 HMR

410 gauge / .22 Long Rifle

410 gauge / .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire

On both the Savage and EAA Comination guns, there are provisions for mounting a scope, which may be a necessity due to the rudimentary sights on either gun.

If you are set on owning a combination rifle-shotgun for survival, I would suggest a Savage Model 24 in whatever caliber-gauge combination you want (or can afford), then maybe the M-6 Aircrew Survival Rifle in .22 LR and .410 gauge. Although I know some people happy with their Baikal Shotguns, I think you would be better served spending the money on a high quality .22 LR rifle and separate 12 gauge pump action shotgun,….even then you would still have enough money left for a decent .22 LR handgun.


  1. These guns are made for hunting, they are not made for target shooting. The shotgun trigger seems heavier than the rifle trigger. Overall it was a neat break action shotgun/rifle that was very simple to use. Thanks a lot....

  2. When it comes to Survival Rifles, the best option will largely depend on the intended use for the rifle. These are used as personal protection weapon. A lot of people choose to carry a handgun, which is ok for personal protection, but in most cases not a very good choice as a survival weapon. Thanks a lot.

  3. The rifle/shotgun with its combination of shot and bullet is a traditional form of gun used for hunting. They were the first combined hunting guns, offering a versatility to match the diversity of game on the old continent. Thanks a lot for sharing this informative post.

  4. There's almost noplace in the lower 48 states where you benefit from having a longarm, as vs a pocket pistol. You can climb something and see lights, from almost anywhere, at night. Mark the directon and walk there in 3 days or so. Don't need a longarm for that. :-) if you are sick or injured, how does a longarm help you? monofilament gill nets and trotlines would do far more. Just keep a smoky fire going all day, for several days. somebody will come to check it out and there's your rescue.

  5. what you need a longarm for, is shtf, FIGHTING (mostly, dog packs, too, tho) Then you want a 223 auto, like the AR-15, in a compact version, so it will take down and conceal in a pack. You want the Ciener .22lr conversion unit, 20 second caliber swap, plenty accurate enough for small game.

  6. I recommend the Kahr CM9 pocket 9mm as your EDC, everyday carry gun, in a front pants pocket holster, as your shtf "backup" to your rifle and survival pistol. (normal times). It's all you need for people, dogs, coyotes, cougar, making noise to scare off a bear. your rifle aint worth much if you have to crawl, drive, climb a tree or a ladder, rappel down a cliff,, or if you're inside of your sleeping bag.

  7. i'd never tie up $500 in a "sport only' type of gun. I'd never bother to have a "survival" pistol, per se, either. Just use the same one that you'd normally carry. for concealed defense. If you just like to shoot a lot, tho, the pocket 9's won't hold up long. I mean 5000 rds per year type of shooting. I've had many 1000+ rds per DAY at the range. For that, I use my ParaOrdnance LDA, variant of the 1911 .45, because it's got a DA trigger pull like the Kahr and I am super familiar with shooting and smithing the 1911

  8. These combo guns are ideal to carry in a rural situation where your primary task is something else besides hunting, but you want it in case the opportunity presents itself. The .22lr/20ga. is effective for small and medium sized game. It is a foraging tool, not a self defense or even a specialized hunting weapon. My Savage 24C has 18 inch barrels and weighs 6 1/2 lbs. The M6 .22/410ga. is even lighter.

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