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Monday, June 21, 2010

Urban Survival - Reader Question on Special Forces Manuals received the following comment: "Anonymous said...Hey what about Special Forces Manuals which are great reference materials? I have probably a complete collection. Lit it Up and Then Some!"

UrbanMan replies: Our post on Military Manuals was in reference to a questions on basic and common Infantry skills such as squad and platoon in defense, Combat Patrols, etc. These are excellent manuals for have in your survival library. We did not list Special Forces manuals as the context was basic combat and infantry skills. However you bring up a good point, there are several Special Forces manuals and books that would be very high up on the Urban Survivor's reference library.

Some of the Special Forces Manuals have restricted distribution. Gun shows are a good place for manuals of all types.

One of the best SF manuals a Urban Survivor could have is the SF Medical Handbook. SF Medics are trained as Doctor's substitutes and this is their bible. I have one will not part with it. It stays in my 20mm ammunition cans of base camp Medical Items with other medical supplies and reference material.

The Technical Manual (TM) 31-201-1 is a good reference book for incendiaries and is as close as I will get talking about explosives and booby traps. There are legal and ethical issues with transferring "how to's" and such on explosive and booby traps. I will not go there.

The Special Forces Handbook is much like a Ranger Handbook but also details some Unconventional Warfare techniques, as the SF Operational Techniques manual.

Your Urban Survival unconventional warfare library would probably be complete with a book or two on Urban Guerrilla Warfare and Counter-Insurgency operations.

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  1. Thanks for the post and link to the Special Forces manuals. I am going to order the Medical Handbook and the Special Forces Handbook. On a different subject: you recommended in an earlier article on not necessarily storing fuel, but at least having fuel cans in your garage so they are available to fill up when the situation indicated to. Aside from the fuel cans at Wal-Mart, what fuel cans do you recommend I have? Greg in FL