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Friday, September 26, 2014

Small, Gradual Survival Preps

Anonymous advice to LostAtTheEnd concerning Why the Need for Urban Survival......."Just continue to pick up items you can as you can get them. At least part of that task is underway You will find at first you may not feel like you have help but there are good sites just like this one. We found LDS folks to be very helpful. Seems they have made life practice of being prepared they also are very encouraging even if you are not LDS (we aren't). Talk with your mom and dad it sounds like they have real fiber. They may not have all the answers but they certainly will have info you will find helpful and offer support . Hang in and keep on keeping on! Dollar Tree (ships different items at different stores), and General Dollar Stores offer some deals on extra supplies for your storage. We watch for sales on items (cheap) which I am sure you do too. Once you hookup with other preppers you will find they have extra items they may sell or even give to you. You begin to feel more empowered as you find others of like or similar mindset. Hang in there."

UrbanMan's comments: Roger the good advice. I have had too many people tell me "it's too late to start prepping", whether we are talking about food stocking for gold and silver procurement. I always say, "it's only too late to prep when someoneis shoveling dirt over your face."

In a severe case of minimal resources,...meaning, money for the most part,.... ....someone may only have a few dollars of discretionary spending every pay period (two weeks). Five bucks can buy a few lbs of rice and a pack of bullion cubes. Two weeks later the next five dollars of discretionary spending can buy a couple packs of pinto beans.

Some of the "too laters" had this mentality for the past several years. Imagine where they would be now if they did what they could, when they could and continued to build. They could have stuck their five bucks every two weeks into a coffee can then after six months have some decent buying power for a larger load or something more expensive.

Having a yard or garage sale; a second, part time job are both ways to build additional income and therefore fund your preps.

A home based business not only can generate additional revenue, but can help save on taxes owed. A home based business is built around Products, Services or Information. Take a a look at what your personal assets are such as experience, personality, skills, potential markets, etc. I know a lady who makes soap for flea markets and gifts for relatives. This business expanded into lotions, then gift bags, then an internet site for electronic orders. This generated a decent amount of income, not to mention built some real much would you trade for a bar of soap, after not having seen any since the collapse several years earlier?

And of course barter. There are reports all over the U.S. about larger groups of Americans moving to a barter society,.....even if it is just a small token protest against massive taxes. One of the best areas of barter to get into is the trading of produce.

So, the argument that it is too late to prep doesn't hold water,...neither does the "I don't have any money" argument.


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