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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Urban Survival – Reader Questions on Camouflage Uniforms received the following question from a reader asking for suggestions on Camouflage Clothing.

“You mentioned having adequate, heavy duty clothing for Urban Survival. What is your take on Camouflaged clothing?

Do you think me, my family and friends should have camouflage fatigues of the same pattern/color? I read the Patriots book in which the Survival Group decided on a unique pattern so they could differentiate their people from others in the forests. Sounded like a great idea to me.”

Urban Man’s reply:

There is certainly a place for camouflaged fatigues in your Survival Kit, particularly shirts as they have more and better functional pockets than common work shirts. There are lots of camouflaged uniforms patterns and colors to choose from.

To keep this article as short as we can, I will limit to a short review on camouflage uniforms currently in use by the US Army: the Army Combat Uniform or ACU as made by Propper, and the Multi-Cam made by Tru-Spec. Both uniforms are well made and worth the cost increase over the older Vietnam era Camouflage uniforms, or the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) that are commonly available in Surplus Stores or on-line stores.

The ACU has a zippered front closure, elbow pouch for padded inserts, tilted chest pockets with Velcro closures, shoulder pockets with Velcro, pen pocket on sleeve and is imported.

The Multi-Cam has a better zippered front closure and replaces the Velcro closures of the ACU with YKK Powerhook closure devices which won’t wear out so bad from repeated washes. The Multi-Cam is made from 65/35 poly/Cotton Ripstop fabric or 50/50 Nylon Ripstop fabric; both version have the same slanted chest and shoulder pockets as the ACU. The Multi-Cam is made by Tru-Spec here in the USA and available is a wide range of colors: Black (would not recommend); Olive Drab (best single all around color); Digital Desert (okay for desert areas but not as an all around color); Khaki (would not recommend); 3 color desert (would not recommend); woodland; midnight navy (would not recommend); digital urban (would not recommend); digital woodland (okay for forested areas); and of course Multi-Cam (recommended for a wide range of areas).

The ACU and Multi-Cam are highly functional uniforms, especially the shirts due to their roomy pockets, very well made construction, and, we especially like the elbow pouches for padded inserts. The digital urban pattern is much too dark for our likes but would recommend either the ACU pattern, the Multi-Cam pattern or plain Olive Drab (green), shown to the LEFT with the uniform features.

The problem with camouflage uniforms is that they will set you apart. Civilians wearing camouflage uniforms will scream “Right Wing Milita” to Law Enforcement – which is maybe not a concern after a collapse. I guess a small team wearing the same camouflage uniforms may give a perception of a government element with authority. If common urbanites see you in your camouflage uniforms there is a connotation that you probably have additional Survival Gear and Equipment and therefore may mark you as a target for roving gangs.

I still think having at least a few Tru-Spec Multi-Cam or Olive Drab uniform tops or Propper ACU tops per person to wear over brown or khaki pants is a good idea as they will hold tough in rugged terrain and bad weather, and, have adequate pockets in which to carry essentials.

Multi-Cam and ACU uniforms shirts are reasonable priced at $39.99 and $40.99 from U.S. Cavalry.


  1. I know the Army uniforms are great for rough environments, however I don't want my group to wear something that's pegs us as militia or anything like that. Besides heavy duty jeans, what can we wear as a group that will be a good color for forests and such and still not standout in the urban areas where we live?

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