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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Urban Survival Rifle - M6 Aircrew Survival Rifle

To answer the comment/question from Bob Halker on our AR-7 post of 24 Feb 2010, we feel there are many good choices for a pure Survival rifle, meaning a rifle that’s primary purpose is to procure game. The term “Survival Rifle” conjures up the image of a small, lightweight, small caliber, rifle that is stow away in the back pack, or behind the seat of a vehicle or aircraft. To get a rifle that will disassemble and stow away, perhaps even float, you are going to give up something, usually accuracy, quality machining and maybe even reliability.

If we had unlimited funds and were going to purchase a .22 LR rifle for small game procurement and secondarily for training a new shooter, we would not choose the AR-7 rifle even though it is now made by reputable Henry Rifles. Something in the line a semi-automatic, maybe the excellent Ruger 10/22 with a decent scope would be good choice.

The post we wrote on the AR-7 was because the AR-7 was meant to be a take down, stow away rifle, capable of floating on water and is intended to be carried as soley as a survival rifle for small game animals.

The M6 Aircrew Survival Rifle, originally chambered in .22 Hornet, and now .22 LR and .410 shotshell is a decent little fold away survival rifle and possibly better suited as pure survival firearm due to it’s .410 shotshell capability and therefore capability on scoring small birds for supper. It is a single shot for each bore, stores extra rounds in the hinge top butt stock, and has a terrible bar type trigger.

Between these rifles,…..six of one, half dozen of the other,…. Really. The advantages of the AR-7 is a semi-automatic action and box magazine, albeit only 8 rounds. Folds up, actually disassembles into a smaller package, but not nearly as fast as to get into action.

The AR-7 is now available on the market. We priced one at Wal-Mart for $188. The M6 Aircrew Survival Rifle is no longer manufactured and will set you back around $400 on the used market.

As we take people new to the concept of preparing for Urban Survival, life after the infrastructure collapse, TEOTWAWKI or whatever you have to categorize or name it, we do not want them to get the idea that it's an all of nothing effort. Each person reading this site has different motives, financial means and motivators.

Our intent is to address Urban Survival Planning for the new person and from the ground up aspect and not immediately delve into buying the latest customized .45 ACP handgun and tricked out M4. We carry these for a living. Most people do not. We'll have time in the future to address for advanced Urban Survival concepts,.......we will have that time, won't we?

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