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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Survival Tip - Making Slugs from Bird Shot

Billy sent in an e-mail to Urban Survival Skills asking if we have ever heard of cut shells. Yes, Billy, I know them as "cut down shells" - where we would take a shot shell of bird shot and turn it into basically a slug round by cutting around the outer casing of the shot shell about half way between the end case and the crimped end. We would not cut completely through the case, nor have our cuts connect. (The video below, that I found on YouTube, has a good illustration on how we advise making the cut).

When the shot shell is fired the case separates creating an enclosed end of bird shot propelled down range like a slug. It will have the added benefit of once it hits a soft target, the bird shot sort of like fragments creating hundreds of fragments in a body.

We used to use them as expedient ballistic breaching rounds, to take out door hinges and locks.

This technique can be used by survivalists if they run out of slugs and have bird shot available, they would be able to make their own defensive slug rounds.

Urban Man says to use extreme caution if you decide to practice this. This is for educational purposes only.

Urban Man

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  1. I prefer the waxed slug method, but for a field expedient technique, not bad...