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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Urban Survival Planning - Economic Collapse Scenario Part I begins a look at a possible/probably economic collapse scenario using two excellent videos from endtheillusion.

With the underlying rot in our system, not necessarily from our economic system, but our tendency to try and combined capitalism with socialism, we have placed ourselves very close to an economic collapse scenario.

The loss of our manufacturing base and downturn in our ability to not only feed the World but feed ourselves; massive wall street bailouts combined with a rickety up and down market; continued growth of banks and obscene bonus to managers of failed institutions even though we have massive bankruptcy and home foreclosures; growing list of vacant commercial properties; and, unemployment near record highs when combined with the numbers of non-working people that the government does not want to know about nor do they count when measuring the unemployment percentage.

But wait there’s more,…….unrestricted corruption of politicians and non accountability; decline of inner cities and a population shift away from large urban areas; enormous trade deficits; growing dependence upon foreign oil and our lack of will to develop our own fossil fuels and alternate sources of energy (nuclear plants); growth of both our prison population and the homeless; public school deterioration despite large tax increases; unsustainable government spending; rapidly increasing foreign debt (China practically owns us); and unpredicted expansion of social programs – all set up the likelihood of an economic collapse,…and soon.

We like these videos, part I which is below and part Ii will be posted soon, as they articulate a very probable ten day period in which the economic collapse becomes overt, obvious to most everyone, with a probable day by day timeline.

Day One
– Reports of the dollar collapsing; gas station take cash only – not credit cards; Gold prices shoot up.

Day Two – Runs on Supermarkets as word of hyper-inflation, devalued dollar spreads and food distribution begins to shut down (largely due to no fuel) – no country wants to take the dollar and most countries are suffering financial breakdown effects as well. Mobs at Supermarkets and all shelve emptied.

Day Three - Banks closed; those open limit withdraws to $200; Stock market in free fall then closed. Gun Stores almost empty of guns and ammunition, prices sky rocket, but the only transactions are in Gold and Silver.

Day Four - Panic in Cities (ever heard that we are nine meals away from collapse?); Stock Market briefly opens, then rapidly closes; Government meet in emergency economic crisis meetings – but to no avail as hyper-inflation continues out of control – there is simply too money that was printed to make up for previous budgetary shortfalls.

Day Five – Bank Holiday begin; families start to re-locate for mutually support; reports of pension funds failing – particular for unions which suffer from massive corruption; work stoppages spread even to emergency services providers.

The Economic Collapse Part I


  1. Gets your attention. Should be show to those that need to have their eyes opened that this could happen and come true.

  2. I really believe that something like this is gonna happen, but my mom is a whole different story. At this rate, we won't be prepared by the time this happens.

    1. I feel the same way. Just everyone thinks im crazy for planing for this kind of problem.

  3. IronWolf
    Many of us believe this is enevitable and so we plan. If we are wrong then we have lost nothing but time and made good friends in the process. If we are right then our odds of survival are raised.

  4. When your financial system is based upon borrowing the formula dwindles off in a downward spiral as you keep spending and pirinting. I have enough food for me and I have BOB and a BOL. When the time comes you bet I'm off the grid. You all should do the same. Small commuities are the future.
    "I know not what weapons WWIII will be fought with, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones."~Albert Einstein