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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – A Different Type Collapse Scenario

I think one of the mistakes, we as Survivalists are making, may be to view the impending collapse as a fast, cataclysmic type event. A la the “Lights Out”, “One Second After” and “Patriots” type scenarios where the fall from normalcy to chaos is fast. This may not be the case.

I have to interject something here: I have been asked several times, by people I personally know and have been helping with prepping not only for Urban Survival but for personal protection, “why I refer to works of fiction concerning Survival” and “why I admonish them to read these books”. The simple answer is that aside from the Great Depression, the United States has not experienced a collapse like the one on the horizon, therefore we have to rely on “scenario models” and a prudent man would read these books, take the lessons learned from these fiction scenario models and apply it to their own Wargaming for survival.

Economic indicators certainly suggest that the decline of America is upon us. It would take a cohesive national economic plan which is near impossible with the partisan politics of the Legislative and Executive Branches of the U.S. Government. With the gap between Government spending and revenue and the exponential increase in debt, it is easy to foresee the U.S. sliding in a collapse where there will be “haves” and “have nots” and no “in betweens” (middle class). The majority of the population will obviously be the “have nots”. How long are these people going to want to stay “have nots”? We could be easily looking like Rhodesia did in the late 70’s, or Columbia did this past decade.

What happens if we have 100 million “have nots” scratching each and every day to live? What happens if that number is 200 million?

This type of scenario is articulated in the novel “American Apocalypse”, where a gradual deterioration of the economy creates vast tracts of empty buildings, enormous amounts of homeless people or people living in squalor and am underground economy. The population groups that do well are organized, have planned in some fashion for an infrastructure collapse and/or have moved to their Safe Location.

This scenario is one that kind of sneaks up on you. Can’t you see the example of where things gradually get worse and people are getting used to it bit by bit? That may happen. What also may happen is at some point the “have nots” decide to get theirs? Are you prepared? Can you stay in your location and live, defend it and survive?


  1. roger dodger on the coming economic crisis. What do you say about those people that council against buying gold and silver. I would hate to take money out of my 401K to buy gold and silver and have to store it and watch over it if I didn't use it. bye, Mitchell K., Denver, CO.

  2. I think we forget why catastrophes are so catastrophic: We can't expect the truly unexpected
    Here in Arizona, some campers were crushed when a tree fell on their tent. Despite all peoples preparation there is a randomness about death. If you survive the initial catastrophe then your survival training and supplies will work but if you are caught in a tornado with a stalled car then maybe God has other plans.I think what is least expected is what kills many people. Don't ask me about mobs that is another story.......