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Friday, May 28, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – Economic Collapse Scenario Part II

Continuing on with the excellent Economic Collapse videos from endtheilluson, we begin Day Six of the economic collapse. has written several times about a Survival Decision Matrix, where as situations or trends become apparent, prudent Urban Survivalists fulfill certain tasks. This is not to say wait until the beginning of a collapse before you begin to accomplish Survival and Preparedness tasks,,….if you are a reader of this site, you have already taken many steps towards preparing to survive a collapse. These tasks and steps on your Survival Decision Matrix are the last minute things you do to enhance your already pre-existing Survival Preparations. They could be filling up all the empty gas cans stored in your shed; buying the last minute, semi-perishable foods to consume first before your survival food stocks are used; boarding up your windows; making last minute e-mail, text or phone calls; filling up all your empty water containers, etc.

Day Six – Mass demonstrations appear all over the World as the economic collapse spread particularly as a rebound effect from the U.S. collapse; power goes out...repeat,...power goes out.

Day Seven – National Guard deployed to restore order, especially in large cities – however too many troops are still overseas fighting terrorism and large percentages of National Guard troops fail to report to their unit; people all across the Nation are thinking “Why didn’t I prepare better?”; cash totally worthless; gold and silver accepted – barter society begins.

Day Eight – Still no power (little do most people know, it will be years until a small percentage of reliable power is restored and only in a small number of places); radio station still broadcasting but the amateur radio network is provides the majority of news being spread.

Day Nine – Water pressure stops – no water. Real panic sets in.

Day Ten – No emergency services whatsoever – no police, no fire, no emergency medical responders as all stay home to protect their families; Neighborhoods starts to organize for protection – some are successful, some are not; Government fails at all levels; total breakdown of social order; armed gangs organize to roam and loot; Martial Law declared.

Ask yourself these questions: At what level of preparation are you sitting at right now? If you have no more than 4 or 5 days worth of food in you pantry then you are in the majority of people - people that are unprepared.  And you will be dependant upon someone else’s benevolence to survive.  Can you protect yourself – do you have firearms and sufficient ammunition? Can you survive in your home without heat or without air conditioning? Where will you go if forced to vacate your home? Do you have a panned Safe Location? Do your have the means and the Survival Gear and Equipment to facilitate not only survival but cross country movement to a Safe Location?

The Economic Collapse Part II -


  1. I Liked it. Use full to open peoples eyes. Thanks.

  2. Can a minor buy gold and silver? If I have to depend on my mom to prepare for this, we're screwed.