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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Economic Collapse Looming?

Many bright minds in the Nation believe that we are heading for an economic collapse. Are you prepared for this? Are you stocking food for when the inflated price will be too much to pay even if it available? Do you have a safe location and you can go to? Can you defend yourself and your family?

Fox News Poll says 79% think Economic Collapse Possible! Pieces of the Fox News Poll article are below along with a dynamic video depicting a collapse of the dollar.

By Andrew Zarowny

A new poll by Fox News and Opinion Dynamics shows that 79% of registered voters believe that an economic collapse is still possible. 84% of Republicans, 80% of Independents and 71% of Democrats all agree that the worst may not be over. Only 18% still cling to the White House position that a collapse cannot happen. 65% think that the National Debt is more of a threat now than terrorism. Only 35% think Obama has a plan to fix the economy, down from 42% last July. For Congress, the numbers are even worse. Only 24% think the Democrats have a clear plan and only 16% think Republicans have a solution.

After a recent appearance on Greek TV, my favorite financial analyst, Max Keiser, now a front runner for president, if he chose to run, if he were Greek! 97% of Greeks polled want Keiser to either be their next leader or, at least, Finance Minister. Keiser has appeared several times recently on Greek TV or radio programs since their financial scandals began. Each time, he always begins with, “How many bankers has your government arrested today?” Max is seen as somebody who actually knows what he’s talking about. Greece , and Spain , have begun investigations on an international level using their intelligence units. Germany is also moving in that direction to learn who and how hedge funds and derivatives trading is being executed. Ireland apparently is listening to Keiser. They’ve just arrested a banker! YAY!!!

I would like to be optimistic that November will bring about the changes needed to put the country back on the right track. But the ruthless side of me sees only destruction and ruin as Republicans bungle their opportunities once again. Frankly, I would not have bet that so many polled would have answered about an economic collapse being still possible. I would have guessed maybe 25-35%, certainly not 79%! Yes, folks, there’s trouble in River City . With a capital ‘T’ that stands for Taxes. They will be going up, especially now with health care passed and certainly more to follow after Obama’s debt commission reports, conveniently AFTER the November elections. Can you say ‘Value Added Tax’?


  1. Good Info and good video. Gerald Celente, Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, Max Keiser and are great sources for Real Economic Information.

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