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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Urban Survival Tool – Survival Rifle

We want to orient this site to people who are just now starting to realize they need some level of preparation in case of an incident that changes our lives drastically,…call it TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) or by it’s shorter acronym, TSHTF. It would be easy to us to post unrealistic preparation measures, expensive firearms procurements, massive freeze dried food buys, etc. In fact, all of us writing these posts have all that and more, but realize the most people thinking of Survival Preparation are doing so more out of minimal insurance type of thing or just a “check the block”.

We are working with Jim, whose Survival Chronicles you read on this site. When we met Jim he didn’t own a gun let alone think about what would happen if somebody turned off the lights and the water spigot not to mention what if the trucks carrying groceries to our stores just stopped coming. Look at how far Jim has came in a minimal time at minimal expense. We realize Jim has bought a .22 handgun and a 12 gauge shotgun, but we’re not really happy with Jim putting off buying a rifle. Some of that is due to costs,…some of that may be due to a purchase of really suitable rifle such as an M-4 carbine or (our favorite) an M-1A type rifle is akin to stepping past the point of no return.

Anyway, we think we can get Jim to buy a rifle, not a battle rifle, but a survival type rifle, in .22 caliber, that would be easy for him to carry in his Survival Bug Out Bag, use to procure small game, use to practice marksmanship cheaply and be fun, as well as give him another option if pressed into a Survival Defensive mode.

Henry Repeating Arms is now manufacturing a new version of the famous U.S. Air Force AR-7, now known as the Henry U.S. Survival rifle. This is really a handy little Survival Rifle. Lightweight at 2.5 pounds, this rifle’s design allows the rifle to break down into three pieces in seconds. This enables the barrel, action and two 8-round magazines to fit inside the ABS synthetic waterproof stock in a 16 inch length. No tools are required. We think it’s a perfect design for the Bug Out Bag. Plus the gun, when folded with float. Well, Golly!

The barrel and receiver are coated in Teflon, helping greatly with bad weather resistant. A picatinny type rail on the top of the receiver makes it easy to add a scope if needed. Priced around or slightly less than $250 retail we think this is an excellent buy for a guy like Jim. We would suggest a small lightweight scope and several extra magazines.


  1. The Henry AR-7 is a great little rifle. I've had mine for several years. One tip that may be of interest to owners of this weapon is the fact that this is a perfect companion to the medium or large ALICE pack. The broken down AR-7 fits perfectly between your back and the pack when you are using a frame. Place the top of the stock up under the part of the pack that goes over the frame and rest the butt end of the stock on the frame brace where the belt is. It goes in and out with ease, it's out of sight and doesn't use up any room on the inside of your pack.

  2. Reguards to the henry AR-7 rifle yes its a good rifle not great but good but there are a lot of other GREAT rifles out there.People that try to stress the importance of owning a 22 should also remember that a 22 bullet does not survive very long in storage or handle moisture or the test of time very well. it is not as well sealed as a center fired round is,just remember people that plan on using this type of weapon dont it will not survive the test of time very well and keep the ammo dry?

    1. you are right about that rifle it is a very cheap made gun if you are a survivalist or whatever and plan on using it as such you will find yourself in deep trouble when it messes up and it will.As for keeping it in a backpack? what good is it there?

  3. It's good there until you need it troll.

  4. I have the original Charter Arms AR-7 and other than needing a touch up on the original finish, it works just fine, despite critics who say otherwise. A little TLC goes a long way, people.

  5. Good review... Its a great idea... this is a great tool to keep in a location or situation that other weapons coulnd't be stored. Its very similar to the WWII Liberator pistol that allowed you to fight to get ANOTHER weapon better than yours. I'm looking to buy one ASAP. Thanks for the review.

  6. FWIW I just bought a Ruger 10-22 "Take Down" instead of the AR-7. It was a few more dollars but well worth it. It's a very well made rifle, breaks into 2 parts right in front of the receiver, very reliable, and you can get 30 round clips for it. It comes with a very nice soft backback case that will fit in most back packs and bug out bags. Nothing against the AR-7 but the 10-22 has a lot of pluses.

  7. one great advantage to the rifle is how modifiable it is with basic machining skills and equipment. you can easily convert it to any function(except hi power sniper rifle) with just scrap metal.