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Monday, April 12, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – the Survival Food Triangle

This is NOT your USDA Food triangle explaining what we need for our daily nutritional requirements and such. This Food triangle is the 3 ways Urban Survivalists are going to be able to access Food for survival.

The three main food procurement areas are Stored Foods, Harvested Foods and Bartered Foods.

Stored Foods which are you pantry items that you have been stockpiling; any cases of MRE’s, or stored whole foods such as grain and beans in sealed buckets; #10 cans of dehydrated vegetables – powdered milk – fruits, etc. We would consider six months of stored food as a viable objective and necessary asset.

Harvested Foods are plants and animals that which you cultivate or hunt for food. This would include crops that you plant, cultivate, grow and harvest which are mostly vegetables unless you are far sighted enough to procure fruit seeds or plant fruit bearing trees. This also includes livestock and their produce such as goats or milk or meat, chickens for eggs, etc. I would think that practically any animal, other than cats, could serve as meat animals and this includes dogs.

The six month supply of stored food would conceivably get you and your family through a non-growing season and give you time to establish your Survival Garden.

The third leg of the Survival Food triangle is Bartered Food, regardless if this is prepared foods, raw foods, raw meat or living livestock this would be food items you barter for. You would probably perform manual labor or trade Survival Gear or equipment in exchange for these foods items.

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  1. Not much time left to get ready for the inevitable. Thank you for your website which I found by accident. You can rest assured that I will be letting other preppers know about you. This is precious and immenient survival imformation. Thank you