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Monday, June 21, 2010

Urban Survival Firearms - Tactical Innovation AM15

For the Urban Survivalist who thinks he has his Survival Firearms battery complete.
Tactical Innovations of Bonners Ferry, Idaho (, is manufacturing what they call the AM15 full auto Upper Receiver which allows you to shoot unmodified .22LR American 180 drums, in either 165 round, 220 round or 275 round capacity on your M16 host receiver. This conversion will not work on semi-automatic AR's, only full auto capable M-16/M-4 lower receivers.

The full auto AM15 upper receiver conversion is a BATF APPROVED open bolt drum fed .22LR rimfire caliber conversion that ejects through the AR mag well. It uses Colt Light Machine Gun style open bolt fire control parts, which are included with the AM15 conversion. The AM15 conversion will only work on registered receiver sear drilled M16 lowers. It WILL NOT work with drop-in auto sears or with lightning links.

While the .22 LR is not a serious defensive round, image the ability to, cheaply, saturate an area with suppressive fire. Check out the video out below.

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