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Monday, June 7, 2010

Survival Chronicles of Jim – Chapter 15

Been busy this week. Constantly thinking about Urban Survival now. The financial trouble in Greece, expanding violence in the Middle East - how it is not possible to think about Urban Survival scenarios associated with a financial collapse of even war?

Did not mention it in the other posts, but I had previously planted some vegetables in my small backyard. If you have read my earlier Chapters, you will understand that I live almost dead center of town. Actually about a mile from the high rises of the down town district and backed up to a mountain. The good thing about my place, the last house on a dead end road, is that anyone coming down my road is doing so intentionally.

Urban Man told me that I am not in any primary refugee pattern, but I would have to worry about people trying to loot my house. Behind my house, I have some gullies, actually dry river beds called arroyos out here, plus some heavy brush that would allow me an avenue of escape if pressured to leave my house. But the primary plan is to use my vehicle. A dead end street only gives me one avenue of escape via the vehicle.

Back to my vegetables. I planted four squash plants that are now incredibly robust. I also have twelve onions in grow pots and I am going to transplant soon.
I have two Eggplant bushes coming up as well. I also planted a tangerine tree and a pomegranate tree, both which do not need a pollinator (another alike tree) to produce fruit.

I’ll soon be out of room with my small back yard. I did this because I was intrigued by Urban Man’s posts on stockpiling seeds and wanted to see if I could grow anything. The squash proves I can, and I’ll withhold my judgment on the onions.

I also went to a local Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought some heavy duty plastic bags with a one way value, where you can stuff clothes into then suck out the air using a vacuum effect, vacuum packing sets of clothing. Now it is the very hot down here, over 100 the past few days, so not needing cold weather clothing for another six or seven months, I vacuum packed some of my winter clothes into these bags and put them in a duffel bag in my garage to throw into my vehicle in case I have to bug out.

Oh yeah, within the last two weeks I found one Eisenhower dollar with silver met value and two pre-1965 silver quarters, each with a silver melt value of $3.14. So just being aware I was able to add $11.77 to my growing collection of silver bullion and silver melt value coins.

be safe, Jim

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