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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Day of the Collapse - What do you buy with a $1000

With my respects to, I am re-creating a question posed on one of it's threads.

Here is the scenario: You are who are you, with all the survival preps, survival gear and equipment that you really have right at this moment.

It's Friday afternoon and you are coming back from you linear income producing day job. Your pull into the gas station to get fuel and notice a line of cars waiting to fill up. Tempers are blaring, horns are honking, and people seemed pretty stressed out.

You park off to the side and go inside the convenience store part of the gas station where you hear customers in arguments with the clerks. "Whadda you mean you can't take a credit card?", "Sir, my boss said no more credit cards - inflation is so high by tomorrow he'll be losing money on the transaction",....... "How come you won't take a check?", "Sorry sir, my boss said no checks, only cash."...."But your ATM here is broken and won't give out cash." "Hey, that's odd, both the ATM's I checked on my way home from work were not working either."

You get spooked and head home, on the way the radio states that that the Federal Government ordered banks not to open on Monday, and when they do open, people will be limited to a $200 withdrawal per week, until runaway inflation can be curbed.

You are now thinking, this is it. This is what I have prepared for, hoping it will not happen, but being prudent enough to prepare. Your neighbor is waiting for you as you pull into your drive way. He knows that you are one of those "Survival Preppers." You tell him that you think that it will only be a short amount of time until cash loses it's value and/or commodities will become scare. Your neighbor tells you that he has $1000 in cash and wants your suggestions on what he should buy. He pulls out a notebook and pencil,.....what do you tell him to buy with that $1000? will be giving away a piece of survival kit, haven't decided yet, but it will be either a Camel-Bak H2O Bag or a Maxpedition Pack to the $1000 purchase list we like the best. Send an e-mail, with your version of the $1000 shopping list you would recommend to your neighbor, to me at
. Put your list in the text body of the e-mail and not as an attachment. You can also post your list as a comment under this post. Closing date for lists is midnight, Central Time, 30 June 2010. I'll post the winner, on this site, on 4 July 2010.

This is what I would tell my neighbor to buy with the $1000:

Fill up your vehicle and all empty fuel cans you have. Cost $80

Buy 200 lbs of wheat bran ($40) at the local Animal Feed Store and pick up two 50ml bottles of injectible Penicillin ($40); and, needles/syringes ($20);

100 lbs of rice ($125?); 100 lbs of pinto beans ($150?); Salt, Bullion Cubes, Garlic ($60);

more vegetable Seeds - Squash, Beans, Onions, Corn, Beets, Egg Plants, Cucumber ($80);

Bottled, water, preferably in the cheaper one gallon bottles ($40);

Clothing - jeans, socks, shirts ($100); hand tools - shovel and ax ($30);

flashlights, lanterns, re-charger and batteries ($100);

Duct tape, Alcohol, gauze pads, bandages, aspirin, bar soap and butane lighters ($100);

then probably $35 worth of Macaroni and Cheese:} Seriously, you can sometimes buy 5 boxes of Mac and Cheese for $1 - $35 would buy 175 boxes.

My reasoning is that my neighbor, for better or worse, will most likely become part of my survival group. With maybe one or two days left of "out in the open procurement", I want him to primarily procure some non-durable items, such as foods, so he won't become a burden on my Survival Stocks. If I need to I can outfit him with a rifle and ammunition, and even train him, if need be, to be asset for our security and defense.


  1. Urbanman- Here is what I would tell my neighbor to buy with his $1000. My neighbor lives alone and I am assuming he already has adequate clothing.


    Used 12 gauge pump $275
    3 box bird shot, 3 box slugs $51
    Backpack. $30
    Personal Hygiene Kit. Small but complete kit. $15
    Mini First Aid Kit. Coghlan's First Aid Kit. $10
    1 roll duct tape $4
    1 multi-tool $35
    2 vials penicillin and 6 syringes from pet feed store $50
    1 5 gal collapsible water jug $7
    1 water bob (liner fits in bath tub to hold water) $24
    60 lbs rice $42
    40 lbs pinto beans $28
    Battery charger for AA w/16 AA rechargeable batteries $37
    Military surplus sleeping bag $35
    1 bottle aspirin $2
    1 metal camping cooking kit $20
    2 box salt $2
    2 jars honey $7
    1 flashlight $6
    5 disposable lighters $3
    1 bottle water purification pills $5
    10 cans spam meat $25
    Sewing kit $4
    Military surplus rain poncho $10
    2 jars beef bouillon cubes $6
    2 jars chicken bouillon cubes $6
    Asst. non-hybrid vegetable seeds $45
    20 gal fuel with jugs $95
    Survival Knife $35
    15 box mac and cheese $15
    Asst silver coins $100

    Charlie Walker

  2. The $1000 "what would you buy thing" is a good idea for a post. I will work on a reply, but I have a question: Can you give me an idea for a Medical Kit, not a personal kit, but maybe a chest or foot locker. What would I need to provide medical care for a family if four and anticipating six more people arriving at my house. It would be great if you can do a post on this.

  3. Anonymous,

    I just build a medical chest as you described. It probably cost me a lot more than it had to since I purchased quantities of everything assuming if someone got a deep wound we'd need more than 2 gauze pads over the weeks it would take to heal. Below is what I bought. I put it into a Stanley hard plastic tool chest with wheels ($60 at Home Depot) so that it could be portable, but still huge. Total cost is probably close to $400 but a lot of that will be the antibiotics and the celox.

    Things that can expire (1 medium bottle of each):
    Acetaminophen 500mg (Tylenol)
    Acetaminophen PM 500mg (Tylenol PM)
    Ibuprofen 200mg (Advil)
    Ibuprofen PM 200mg (Advil PM)
    Naproxen Sodium 200mg (Aleve)

    Low Dose Aspirin 81mg (Bayer Low Dose Safety Coated)
    Bayer Aspirin 325mg

    Children's Acetaminophen Suspension (Children's Tylenol)
    Children's Ibuprofen Suspension (Children's Motrin)

    Panadeine 500mg
    Dolorol Forte 500mg
    (both above are similar to tylenol with codeine)

    Blood Clotting
    Celox 2g x6
    Celox 15g

    Novamox 250mg Tablets (Amoxycillin Trihydrate IP)
    Amoxil 250mg/5ml (Amoxycillin Trihydrate suspension)

    Band-Aid Plus Antibiotic
    Band-Aid Plus Antibiotic (Extra Large)

    Bacitracin (Neosporin)
    First Aid Cleaning Spray Antiseptic Anesthetic No Sting (Bactine)

    Hydrocortisone 1% Cream (Cortaid)
    Anti-Itch Lotion (Caladryl)

    Tums 750mg Tablets
    Stomach Relief (Pepto Bismol)

    Tussin CF
    Tussin DM

    Day Time Cold & Flu (DayQuil)
    Nite Time Cold & Flu (NyQuil)
    Nite Time Cough (NyQuil Cough)

    Children's Allergy Relief (Benadryl Allergy Liquid)

    Povidone-Iodine 10%
    Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 3%
    70% Alcohol
    91% Alcohol
    Witch Hazel

    Sun Lotions
    Kids Sunscreen Lotion 50 SPF (Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 Lotion)
    After Sun Aloe Vera (Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel)

    Epsom Salt
    Instant Cold Packs (24)

    Things that dont expire:
    First Aid Book
    Physicans Desk Reference 2010 (used)
    25 small, 50 medium 25 large 10 XL gauze pads
    200 gloves (the purple non latex, no powder variety)
    3 rolls of Gauze
    1 box Second Skin (burn pads)
    Medical Tape
    Measuring syringe (for oral meds)
    Tweezers, scissors
    Digital Thermometer and covers
    Cotton Balls
    Assorted Size Bandaids
    Butterfly suture bandaids
    Several 12 hour glow sticks
    2 Ace Bandages
    Hand Sanitizer
    Distilled Water (for irrigations)

    This is a long list, I think I remebered everything, but there is also a small list of things I still need.... Hope this helps.