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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Urban Survival Gear and Equipment - Product Review - Gerber Onyx 50 flashlight

Great little flashlight, small enough to put in any pocket and runs on our favorite battery a "AA" that we can recharge as opposed tot the expensive, but excellent and high lumen Surefire flashlights that run on a DL123 or CR123 type battery (not rechargeable).

We think one or two Surefire in medium lumen (60 or so) and high Lumen output (120+) are great and essential Survival Equipment to have, especially when combined with a firearm and used when lighting up a search area, but in a collapse you will rapidly run out of batteries unless you stockpile a butt load of them and even then the batteries can degrade. We have based on light, both flashlights and lanterns around AAA or AA batteries since they can easiy and quickly recharged through a 12 volt system.

The Gerber Oynx is small (see the scale photograph against a dollar bill); put outs acceptable light for most tasks (30 lumens); has a LED instead of a bulb which is breakable; in-expensive at around $20; works on one (1) AA battery; and, has a push button on/off tail cap.

The Gerber Onyx is well made in an aluminum housing and the housing barrel is flattened for a better grip Great piece of Survival Kit and well priced.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – Intrinsic Value: Gold, Silver and Barter Items

Urban Survival Planning – Intrinsic Value of Barter Items has wrote several times that we feel there will be three distinct modes of purchasing/barter after a collapse.

Stage 1 will be shortly after a collapse where people will believe things will go back to normal and will still accept U.S. dollars, albeit maybe at greatly inflated prices. Stage 2 will be where people may only accept gold or silver for purchase, and Stage 3 would be the primarily acceptance of only material goods,, fuel, tools, firearms, seeds, batteries, etc. Over time, Gold and Silver may make a come back as a mode of exchange and purchase.

We believe there is no intrinsic value for money, or gold and silver for that matter as it only serves as a method of exchange if two parties agree that it has value. Historical examples of the value of gold, silver or melt value of coins and jewelry aside, you just can’t eat gold or silver. You can’t plant gold or silver and make it grow. You can’t shoot it unless you need to hand cast silver bullets during a werewolf epidemic. It just has minimal if any intrinsic value.

Having said all that, we still believe gold and silver bullion has a place in your Survival Plan, as well as silver coins for their silver melt value. In a deep collapse with the suffering from disease, starvation and threats maybe the better value for your money is Survival Gear and Equipment for use as barter items. We have written a previous post on barter items, available here, but to re-cap items such as firearms, ammunition, food, medicines and medical supplies, tools, fuel and seeds top the list.

We’re interested in what our readers think. Please drop a comment and let us know what you think.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Urban Survival Planning - Survival Decision Matrix and Tasks List

We wrote in an earlier post about having a Urban Survival Decision Making Matrix and a Survival Tasks List that you would wargame against possible events in order to determine what you had to do, what steps you have to take, what protocols you implement, etc.

This is a living document. One of the easiest things for you to do is to carry a 3x5 card or small notebook and pencil with you where ever you go so you can write down things that come to you and not forget these "little" ideas be they small tasks you don't want to forget or items of Survival Gear and Equipment and you need to research, procure, make or trade for.

Even though you are planning for a collapse, life goes on. I had to buy a new Bar-B-Que gas grill since my wife was hosting a small party and was ashamed of the old beat up grill. At the hardware store I was asked is I wanted a propane tank to go with the $99 grill I bought. I initially said "no", then changed my mind and yes, I'll take a propane tank. Now I have three propane tanks and two are always full. In a total collapse it's either cooking with propane until it runs out or using a wood fire.

Besides a full propane tank is a great barter item. How much in trade do you think I would get for a full propane tank, say 3 months after an infrastructure collapse?

Buying the extra propane tank also made me realize that I need to keep my large propane tank for the house water heater and stove filled as well. So I checked the gauge and it read 30%. I called the gas company and ordered a re-fill then made a note on my Survival Decision Matrix to never let that tank get below 50%.

This allows me to have fuel for hot water and cooking for 4 to 6 months after a collapse,....if I stay here that long, before moving to my Safe Location.

This is an example of a living Urban Survival Preparation plan. You should be always be modifying and refining your plan, your Survival Decision Matrix and Tasks List.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Urban Survival Preparation and Planning - Planting Fruit Trees

Readers of this site will identify with the concept of Urban living, short to medium term Urban Survival then a initiation of the Bug Out plan to the identified Safe Site.

We have written about caching Survival Gear, Equipment and Supplies near the Safe Location since the Urban Survivalist may not have the ability or time to pack everything up in a vehicle and take it to the safe location. In fact, a worst case scenario is that the Urban Survivalist would have to move on foot overland land to get to the Safe Location therefore only possessing what he/she could carry.

If your safe location is an already owned and occupied site or if it is such a site as Jim's old run down family cabin consider the possibility of planting some fruit trees or maybe even a pecan tree or two.

Every source of food you can grow, cultivate to have access to is going to come in handy. In a perfect post collapse survival world growing your own food using heirloom seeds, having stockpiled dehydrated canned or package food stuffs, having the Survival Equipment and knowledge to procure food through hunting and fishing, and, having fruit and nut trees all would serve to go along way in meeting your nutritional needs.

Even at you Urban Location, which will is most probability only serve for a short or medium term survival location after a full fledged collapse, planing not only a food garden but fruit trees may serve you well.

We recently planted several fruit trees: one apricot tree, one peach tree, and one pear tree to see what grows best in this area and to provide us with fruit during a crunch. Total costs including the trees, top soil and tree nutrients was $120 - fairly cheap in the long run.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Urban Survival Gear and Equipment – Firearms Upgrade

We intended this tie originally to address the common Urban and Suburban dweller who previously has not considered any preparation in anticipation of a collapse or just did not know what to do. Our test case is Jim, who efforts to prepare are articulated in this site with Survival Chronicles of Jim.

Jim is a single white collar professional and business with a child in college. Jim has not previously owned firearms nor had he considered any Urban Survival preparations until he became part of our conversations. Because of our status, we had credibility with Jim therefore Jim listened and saw value in getting somewhat prepared.

He wins on both accounts: he doesn’t feel like some far right wing militia whack job; and, he feels better knowing he has a plan and that plan is backed up with a rapidly procurement, albeit of minimum nature, of Survival Gear and Equipment including a shotgun and pistol.

First rule of a gun fight or any event where you are attacked is to have a means to defend yourself and your property. In most pre-collapse cases a pistol, even a .22 LR, and especially a 12 gauge shotgun will do nicely. However, during a collapse when you may be faced with gangs of looters and brigands, maybe even outlaw motorcycle gangs or vicious street gangs more firepower will probably be necessary.

Enter the assault rifle or carbine (Boy we hate calling it that – but in the interests of a definition it’ll do for now), or better yet, a battle rifle.

Top: M16A1, Second from Top: M16A2, Third from Top: M4 Carbine, Bottom: M16A2

An Assault rifle or carbine would be any variant of the M4/M16 family of firearms in caliber .223 Remington (or 5.56x45mm). Various makers include Bushmaster, Rock River , DPMS, Colt, Smith and Wesson, SigSauer and a host of others. Using a 20 or 30 round magazine, this firearm presents a lot of options. More options when you include multiple rounds or cartridges in various bullet weights and configurations to select for the anticipated use.

Another type of assault carbine would be the excellent Ruger Mini-14, however these are only now slightly less expensive than an M4 variant and less common. Magazines are different than the M4/M16 variants and harder to come by.

The original assault carbine is the M1 carbine (photo above) firing the fairly puny .30 caliber carbine round (110 grain bullet traveling approx 1,700 fps), which is similar to a .357 magnum (11o grain bullet at 1,400 fps) in ballistics – so the questions begs “why carry a carbine sized weapons that fires a pistol type cartridge”?

In the Battle Rifle category would be the M1 Garand (bottom) from WWII fame or even better, the civilian version of the M14 rifle (top) called the M1A1. The M1 Garand fires the .30-06 Springfield round, which is common North American hunting cartridge. The M1A1 fire the .308 Winchester (aka 7.62x51mm NATO) round which maybe more common. The M1 Garand has an internal 8 round box magazine and you load using 8 round clips. The M1A1 using a detachable 20 round box magazine similar to the magazines for the M4/M16 variants but of course not inter-changeable as the cartridges are way different.

In our view, the M4 carbine or M16 variants are the best choice for an Urban Survival Weapons upgrade. Ammunition is cheaper than the M1 Garand (.30-06) or the M1A1 (.308 Winchester ); magazines are easy and cheaper to buy; and there are much more accessories available for the M4/M16 such as fore end mounted lights, scopes, etc. The advantages of an M4 carbine over and M16 is that the M4 carbine (or it’s civilian variants) have a collapsible stock and shorter barrel (16 inches as opposed to 20 inches) making it much more handy to carry. will be showcasing various accessories for the M4 carbine in upcoming posts. Stay tuned. Stay ready, Get Prepared.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010: The Beginning of the Real Crisis

Urban Survival Skills received this via e-mail and does not necessarily agree with or believe the comments and predication's below. We decided to post this to let our readers draw their own conclusions,...because only you are responsible for you.  We can make our own predictions but instead will devote our time preparing for a general collapse and trying to post information on this site to help those who seek it. 

The following is a list of prophets, experts, trends-forecasters, etc, who are warning us of the approaching darkness. America, your best days are behind you. You will soon suffer the collapse of your empire. Judgment is almost upon you...and you will bring most of the world with as you go under. People of the US and the world, you must turn to the Lord now. Time is ticking. Prophets of God are in blue. Economists/experts are in bold/black.

March 16, 2010

Rick Wiles – Use the first 6 months of 2010 to prepare for the last 3 months of 2010. Purchase everything you need while you still can. Pay off your debts. Judgment is coming upon America (she will be shaken physically, financially, and spiritually) – not the end of the USA, only TEOTUSAAWKI – supply chain will be disrupted for years, admitted insolvency – handed over to allies for pennies on the dollar. POSSIBLITIES: (not prophecies) EMP attack, China Russia NK cyber attack, delayed Y2K bug.

Nathan Leal – August 2010 vision – meeting discussing dropping dollar as reserve currency of the world. Hyperinflation sets in – in his vision, food was so expensive many could not afford to eat. Lamentations is coming to America.

Augusto Perez – Super dollar devaluation coming.

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj – Starvation and famine/financial problems will develop. Terrorist attacks. Banks close. Tsunami. 7 new diseases worse than swine flu.

Bob Chapman – First 6 months of 2010, Americans will continue to live in the 'inreality'...the period between July and October is when the financial fireworks will begin. The Fed will act unilaterally for its own survival irrespective of any political implications ...(source is from insider at FED meetings). In the last quarter of the year we could even see Martial law, which is more likely for the first 6 months of 2011. The FDIC will collapse in September 2010. Commercial real estate is set to implode in 2010. Wall Street believes there is a 100% chance of crash in bond market, especially municipals sometime during 2010. The dollar will be devalued by the end of 2010.

Gerald Celente – Terrorist attacks and the "Crash of 2010". 40% devaluation at first = the greatest depression, worse than the Great Depression.

Larry Randolph – ...there is yet a seven-fold shaking of greater magnitude coming that will produce enormous and perhaps catastrophic disruptions on economic, political, geophysical, atmospheric, and spiritual levels.

Neville Johnson – As I thought and prayed about the past year I felt the Lord say to me that 2010 was a year of labor pains, with the contractions getting closer and closer together towards the end of the year.

Igor Panarin – in the summer of 1998, based on classified data about the state of the U.S. economy and society supplied to him by fellow FAPSI analysts, Panarin forecast the probable disintegration of the USA into six parts in 2010 (at the end of June – start of July 2010, as he specified on 10 December 2008)

Neithercorps – have projected that the third and final stage of the economic collapse will begin sometime in 2010. Barring some kind of financial miracle, or the complete dissolution of the Federal Reserve, a snowballing implosion should become visible by the end of this year. The behavior of the Fed, along with that of the IMF seems to suggest that they are preparing for a focused collapse, peaking within weeks or months instead of years, and the most certain fall of the dollar.

Webbots – July and onward things get very strange. Revolution. Dollar dead by November 2010.

LEAP 20/20 – 2010 Outlook from a group of 25 European Economists with a 90% accuracy rating – We anticipate a sudden intensification of the crisis in the second half of 2010, caused by a double effect of a catching up of events which were temporarily « frozen » in the second half of 2009 and the impossibility of maintaining the palliative remedies of past years. There is a perfect (economic) storm coming within the global financial markets and inevitable pressure on interest rates in the U.S. The injection of zero-cost money into the Western banking system has failed to restart the economy. Despite zero-cost money, the system has stalled. It is slowly rolling over into the next big down wave, which in Elliott Wave terminology will be Super Cycle Wave Three, or in common language, "THE BIG ONE, WHERE WE ALL GO OVER THE FALLS TOGETHER."

George Ure – Markets up until mid-to-late-summer. Then "all hell breaks lose" from then on through the rest of the year.

Amos Scaggs – The ultra-rich will go broke. I don’t mean go bankrupt I mean go broke, no money. I saw ultra rich people working for food because they were broke. This will happen by mid-February 2011.

Andrey Rasshivaev – At the very end of the year of 2007 I have received a revelation from God that the coming 2008 year was going to be the year of the beginning of outpouring of God's judgment upon this world...About half a year ago God has given me a further revelation. He reveled me that the crisis was just the very beginning. The world is going to face the total and complete economical and financial collapse in August-September of this new 2010 year.

Lindsey WIlliams – dollar devalued 30-50% by end of year. It will become very difficult for the average American to afford to buy even food. This was revealed to him through an Illuminati insider.

Greg Evensen – economic meltdown and possible martial law in the mid summer 2010.

Unamed Economist working for US Gov't (GLP) – what we have experienced the last two years is nothing to what we are going to experience this year. If you have a job may not have it in three to six months. (by August 2010). Stock market will fall = great depression. Foreign investors stop financing debt = collapse. 6.2 million are about to lose their unemployment.

Michael Rood – there will be a global economic collapse before or during the fall of 2010.

Chuck Pierce – This year, going into these next 10 years, beginning this year, history is re-defined. Fully re-defined. Not as if we have known before what will be. Totally new... This is going to take us from 2010 to 2019 in September, October... Not only is that the year you have entered, but that is the next 10 years. We are entering a season we have never known. GOD’S EYE IS NEAR.

Jimmy "Doomsday" – DOW will fall below 7,000 before mid summer 2010 – Dollar will rise above 95 on the dollar index before mid summer 2010 – Gold will bottom out below $800 before mid summer 2010 – Silver will bottom out below $10 before mid summer 2010 – CA debt implosion will start its major downturn by mid summer and hit crisis mode before Q4 2010 – Dollar index will plunge below 65 between Q3 and Q4 2010 – Commercial real estate will hit crisis mode in Q4 2010 – Over 35 states will be bailed out by end of Q4 2010 by the US tax payer End of Q4 2010 gold will hit $1,600 and silver jump to $35 an oz.

Weather Bill – Huge earthquake in America in September 2010. This EQ to come is going to start the swift downfall of America

Dr. Deagle – Food will soon become so expensive you won't be able to buy it. 2010/2011. Something is in the works for this year (reading btw the lines from Napolitano and other gov't officials.)

Unnamed – (dream from mid 2006)-...I saw boom and bust cycle, and the bust years were light gray to really dark gray with the light gray being the less severe, and the dark gray more severe. I could see over the past few cycles, each of the periods of bust were getting more and more severe. I saw the year 2010, that year was pitch black. Anyone who didn't prepare would lose everything, and it was so devastating, USA would never recover... and there is but one way to prepare for anything and that is to trust Jesus for everything. I keep seeing hyperinflation. Food prices soar so high that if you ordered a small fry you it can cost like $20.00. Think of paying $60 for one potato. I keep seeing prices that would today they would only charge at a high class extravagant restaurant for just small bits of food. Then I have had many dreams where the American dollar collapses and there is no more cash, just paper I.O.U's. No one will be able to get a loan, even if already approved and already have the paperwork done. This seems to trigger some kind of religious revival because people seek comfort from God in all of this suffering.

Harold Eatmon – (1998) I had a vision of the stock market soar and then crash. After the crash, many big business corporations and private parties bought up stocks because of the low cost to buy in. Then I saw the market begin to climb again in a short period of time. Then it crashed again bringing tremendous loss, ruin and devastation to all who bought in the first time. This is what I have labeled "Two Black Mondays" . The time period between the Two Black Mondays was very close together. I could not tell exactly how close. There are some tell tale signs indicating the season and the setting. I saw the season to be when *"the leaves fall to the ground"* then the first crash would occur."Like Joseph in Genesis, I believe America will have fat years of financial blessing. I also believe there are coming lean years of financial difficulty for America.

[My note: while this doesn't give an exact date, this prophecy was dead on accurate – the markets crashed -777 points on MONDAY 9/29/08, roughly 1 week into the FALL (leaves fall to the ground.) The markets then rebounded OVER A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME (from April 2009 to October 2009 the markets rallied nearly 4000 points!) and everyone bought back in. According to this prophecy, the next huge crash will happen on a Monday. Eatmon even accurately predicted the coming 'fat years' and the now present 'lean years']

Garret Crawford – (5/28/09) The first thing I recall in this dream is I was lying in bed, reminiscing about a strange dream I had seen. In this dream, I had met a young, blue-haired man who was the nephew of author Tom Clancy. After getting out of bed, it had crossed my mind that I had to go over to a friend of mine's home for something and he was expecting me. I got in my car and drove over to his home; I walked up the step and opened the door. As I swung the door open, I saw two men whom I had never met before, sitting in my friend’s living room. One was a heavy-set man and the other was a younger fellow with blue hair. The blue-haired man was setting up a camera and tripod, as if he was going to film me, like in a documentary. At this point, I knew that he was in fact Tom Clancy’s nephew. I walked over to him and asked “Do you believe in prophetic dreams?” He replied with a yes. I then told him that the Lord revealed to me this morning that I would be meeting him. After this encounter I found that the two men were impressed with this miracle and that allowed me to be able to talk with them about many things. After some conversation and time had passed, one of the men, either my friend or the heavy-set companion of the nephew, said to me, “You know, I never forgot what you said about the market crashing; I still think about that.” (I guess he was referring to the dream I had about a year ago where I feel the Lord showed me two crashes of the market.) “Yesterday the market dropped like a hundred-and-something points; I think you were right on.” (I had the dream on the 28th, so if the dream was correct there should have been a loss of over 100 points on the 27th. I looked it up and found the market closed down 173 points on the 27th. So maybe this was just a sign that an all-knowing intelligence was at work in my dream.) I solemnly responded to him that that wasn‘t the crash. I told him to expect something closer to the market index crashing to 5000 (or losing 5000 points, I can’t remember exactly. I never perceived in the dream that this one-day loss of 100+ points would directly precede the greater crash, but that it would be a way down the road. I think the man's comment represents the worldly, hopeful belief that the worst is over or that only a little pain will be felt. But to the lost's surprise, the crash that is soon to come will be beyond their worst fears.)

Joseph Meyer – Forecasts on the economy. He sees the real estate market continuing to decline, and advised people to invest in precious metals and commodities, as well as keeping cash at home in a safe place in case of bank closures. The stock market, after peaking in March or April (around 10,850), will fall all the way down to somewhere between 2450 and 4125 during the next leg down.

Pastor Leo Strathman – Yes, My Children, Judgment is coming this year. It is coming worse than it has ever been before. My Children, My Children, My Children, Look to Me for the things coming upon the world. It is going to scare men's hearts, put fear in men's hearts, and men are going to die for fear. Those who are NOT Trusting in Me. Those who are NOT Trusting in My Word. NOT Trusting in Me and My Word. NOT Looking To Me. Yes, My Children, this world is going to turn upside down. Your world, your world, is going to turn upside down, the likes of which you have not ever seen. Judgment is coming. It is at the door and it will be this year, says the Lord. It will multiply. It will increase. It will get worse and worse and worse. Yes, My Children, your finances will get worse, food will get higher, gasoline will go higher. Everything that you have to purchase will go higher and the money will be worth less. My Children, there is a great famine coming on the land, mostly it is created. It is a created famine. But, My Children, you must Look To Me...

NiƱo Becerra (Professor of Economics) – predicted in July 2007 that what was going to happen was that by mid 2010 there is going to be a crisis only comparable to the one in 1929. From October 2009 to May 2010 people will begin to see things are not working out the way the government thought. In May of 2010, the crisis starts with all its force and continues and strengthens throughout 2011. He accurately predicted the current recession and market crash to the month.

Robert Holmes – On October 21, 2008 the Lord said to me (of the global economic crisis):“It will be a dead cat bounce,” meaning it will go down fast, bounce back then fall again. In April 2009, after some growth had taken place, the Lord affirmed, “Don’t get too excited about the market news, it will crash again.” In September 2009, He commented on stock market prices (as measured by the Dow Jones), “It will be a W curve”. Though it will improve through to mid 2010, it will crash again under “the weight of debt”.

Harry Dent (investor) – a very likely second crash by late 2010. The coming depression (starts around the summer of 2010). Dent sees the stock market––currently benefiting from upward momentum and peppier economic activity––headed for a very brief and pleasant run that could lift the Dow to the 10,700-11,500 range from its current level of about 10.090. But then, he sees the market running into a stone wall, which will be followed by a nasty stock market decline (starting in early March to late April) that could drive down the Dow later this year to 3,000-5,000, with his best guess about 3,800.

Richard Russell (Market Expert) – (from 2/3/10) says the bear market rally is in the process of breaking up and panic is on the way. He sees a full correction of the entire rise from the 2002 low of 7,286 to the bull market high of 14,164.53 set on October 9, 2007. The halfway level of retracement was 10,725. The total retracement was to 6,547.05 on March 9, 2009. He now sees the Dow falling to 7,286 and if that level does not hold, “I see it sinking to its 1980-82 area low of Dow 1,000.” The current action is the worst he has ever seen. (Bob Chapman says for Russell to make such a startling statement is unusual because he never cries wolf and is almost never wrong)

Lyndon Larouche – the crisis is accelerating and will become worse week by week until the whole system grinds into a collapse, likely sometime this year. And when it does, it will be the greatest collapse since the fall of the Roman Empire.

WALL STREET JOURNAL – (2/2010) "You are witnessing a fundamental breakdown of the American dream, a systemic breakdown of our democracy and our capitalism, a breakdown driven by the blind insatiable greed of Wall Street: Dysfunctional government, insane markets, economy on the brink. Multiply that many times over and see a world in total disarray. Ignore it now, tomorrow will be too late."

Eric deCarbonnel – There is no precedence for the panic and chaos that will occur in 2010. The global food supply/demand picture has NEVER been so out of balance. The 2010 food crisis will rearrange economic, financial, and political order of the world, and those who aren’t prepared will suffer terrible losses…As the dollar loses most of its value, America's savings will be wiped out. The US service economy will disintegrate as consumer spending in real terms (ie: gold or other stable currencies) drops like a rock, bringing unemployment to levels exceeding the great depression. Public health services/programs will be cut back, as individuals will have no savings/credit/income to pay for medical care.

Value of most investments will be wiped out. The US debt markets will freeze again, this time permanently. There will be no buyers except at the most drastic of firesale prices, and inflation will wipe away value before credit markets have any chance at recovery. The panic in 2010 will see the majority of derivatives end up worthless. Since global derivatives markets operate on the assumption of the continued stable value of the dollar and short term US debt, using derivatives to bet against the dollar is NOT a good idea. The panic in 2010 will see the majority of derivatives end up worthless.The dollar's collapse will rob US consumers of all purchasing power, and any investment depend on US consumption will lose most of its value.

Deryn Johnstone – (1/25/2010) "We will experience a worldwide economic upheaval resulting in the collapse of our monetary system. This economic crash will come suddenly, sending shockwaves throughout the world. It will be the opening of the establishment of a new one-world monetary system under a new one-world government. When this worldwide economic disaster hits, it will be unlike anything we have ever experienced. The world will be thrown into a state of shock. Panic and fear will grip the hearts of the people everywhere. They will be confused, not knowing what to do or where to go. During this time, the people of God will be clearly distinguished from the world by God's supernatural provision in their lives. It will not be the absence of problems and adversity among God's people that will be a witness to the world, but in the midst of this financial crisis the world will see God's strong arm of provision for His people.

Alpha-Omega Report – (Trends Forecast) Going into 2010, the trends seemed to lead nowhere or towards oblivion. Geo-politically, the Middle East was and is trending towards some sort of military clash, most likely by mid-year, but perhaps sooner...At the moment, it seems 2010 is shaping up to be a year of absolute chaos. We see trends for war between Israel and her neighbors that will shake every facet of human activity...In the event of war, we see all other societal trends being thoroughly disrupted...Iran will most likely shut off the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf. This will have immense consequences for the world’s economy. Oil prices will skyrocket into the stratosphere and become so expensive that world’s economies will collapse..There are also trend indicators along economic lines that point to the potential for a total meltdown of the world’s financial system with major crisis points developing with the change of each quarter of the year. 2010 could be a meltdown year for the world’s economy, regardless of what goes on in the Middle East.

Michael Johnson – Let me preface my words tonight by saying that even though we see fearful things coming to this nation and this planet, we must realize and recognize that “God has not given us a spirit of fear. This year I see things happening very quickly-an acceleration of things in the natural and the supernatural...I see false prophets, self appointed and self seeking-arising in this nation, speaking words of peace and prosperity-prophesying for money and gain-they will receive great notoriety, but a sudden turn of events will expose their greed and deception...I see the collapse of our economy bringing about a new monetary system, a new form of government and a new national religion...I see Americans continuing to be lulled into a false sense of security because of continued forecasts of a booming economy. However, I see this brief economic spurt giving Christians and churches a short window of opportunity to get their houses in order. However, I see this window of opportunity closing. I see us waking up one morning to the announcement that our nation is broke and that drastic measures, which have been in motion for some time-must now be taken. The collapse of our economy is spoken of in the book of Lamentations... Now the good news: I see the church, responding to the condition of our nation, awaking out of its slumber and sleep, and going forth as a might army. I see the church coming out of hiding, falling on its face!

Robin Landry – (Market Expert) I believe we are headed to new market highs between 10780-11241 over the next few months. The most likely time frame for the top is the April-May area. Remember the evidence IMHO still says we are in a bear market rally with a major decline to follow once this rally ends.

Robert L – What is going to happen this year? 1. The stock market in America will not only crash, it will no longer exist 2. The President of the USA will foolishly bring sanctions on the nation of Israel 3. There will be a great earthquake that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific 4. The greatest fear will be none of these things; it will be the lack of food men will fear most. The sad truth is that even after all these things have taken place in 2010, most will not repent and turn back to God, most will become even more corrupt as we speedily rush toward the end of time.

Samuel Garcia – (11/04/07) Last night/this morning I had a dream that I had in two parts. The first part I awoke and asked THE LORD to give me further understanding of and then I went back to sleep and THE LORD gave me the second part of the dream. In the first part of the dream I felt like I had just left church, it being Sunday and I was headed towards the store I work in which is a check cashing store; as I approached it I noticed that it was closed and that alarmed me because it was open when I left to go to church in the morning, so that concerned me but I did not see my bosses car so I decided to call her but I got a recorded message from the operator about the phone being out of service or something like that. I also noticed that I did not see any cars driving in the streets and it seemed like it was around Christmas time; then I woke up. The second part of the dream started exactly in the same location the first part started - – in back of the store; then I walked towards the front of the store and I noticed that the store was closed again but then I looked a second time and the store had become a ONE DOLLAR BARGAIN STORE but it seemed like it had shifted. The store had shifted and it was in a location where a massage parlor currently is. So I went inside and asked what appeared to be a security guard what had happened to the people that owned the check cashing store and the guard assured me that that family was well and in good health. I did notice that inside the DOLLAR STORE the items were in a open box and low quality and they seemed to be Christmas accessories. I stepped out of the store and felt that I was in the future and it was anywhere between 2008 and 2010 and I told the guard that I was aware that I was in a dream but as I said that I felt myself leaving the dream; then I woke up. I felt that the dream basically was saying that a MAJOR economic collapse was going to happen in this country due to the fact that I did not see any cars driving in the street and that the check cashing store which requires you to have large sums of money has become a ONE DOLLAR STORE with poor quality items.

John P. Hussman, Ph.D. – In my estimation, there is still close to an 80% probability (Bayes' Rule) that a second market plunge and economic downturn will unfold during 2010.

Robert Prechter – founder of Elliott Wave International, implores retail investors stay away from the markets… for now. Prechter, who was bullish near the lows in March 2009, now says the stock market “is in a topping area.”predicting another crash in 2010 that will bring stocks below the 2009 low. His word to the wise, “be patient, don’t rush it” keep your money in cash and cash equivalents.

Richard Mogey – current Research Director at the Foundation for the Study of Cycles – Because of a convergence of numerous cycles all at once, the stock market may go up for a little while, but will crash in 2010 and reach all-time lows late 2012. Mogey says that the 2008 crash was nothing compared to the coming crash. Gold may correct in 2009, but will go up in 2010 and peak in 2011. Silver will follow gold.

James Howard Kunstler – (January 2010) The economy as we’ve known it simply can’t go on, which James Howard Kunstler has been saying all along. The shenanigans with stimulus and bailouts will just compound the central problem with debt. There’s not much longer to go before the whole thing collapses and dies. Six Months to Live – The economy that is. Especially the part that consists of swapping paper certificates. That’s the buzz I’ve gotten the first two weeks of 2010.

Peter Schiff – (3/13/2010) "In my opinion, the market is now perfectly positioned for a massive dollar sell-off. The fundamentals for the dollar in 2010 are so much worse than they were in 2008 that it is hard to imagine a reason for people to keep buying once a modicum of political and monetary stability can be restored in Europe. In fact, the euro has recently stabilized. My gut is that the dollar sell-off will be sharp and swift. Once the dollar decisively breaks below last year's lows, many of the traders who jumped ship in the recent rally will look to re-establish their positions. This will accelerate the dollar's descent and refocus everyone's attention back on the financial train-wreck unfolding in the United States. Any doubts about the future of the U.S. dollar should be laid to rest by today's announcement that San Francisco Federal Reserve President Janet Yellen has been nominated to be Vice Chair of the Fed's Board of Governors, and thereby a voter on the interest rate-setting, seven-member Open Markets Committee. Ms. Yellen has earned a reputation for being one of the biggest inflation doves among the Fed's top players." Schiff is famous for his accurate predictions of the economic events of 2008.

Dennis Cramer – DREAMS! 2010 will be a year where ALL Believers will see a dramatic increase in the number of spiritual dreams they experience. Seventy-five percent of them will be warnings. Take heed.

Elaine Tavolacci – (January 2010) Yes things in the natural will continue to grow darker but don’t look to the media keep your eyes on Jesus. He is your source and He is your deliverer. Yes there is a changing of the guard. Some of you are confused because you have also been hearing many prophetic words from credible prophetic voices that seem to be contrary to one another. We are hearing that we are coming into a season of a great move of the Holy Spirit but we are also hearing that we are coming into the worst days in history. Who are we to believe? Both are accurate. It is like looking into a diamond. The Lord is showing some people one facet of the diamond who are seeing the brilliance of it, some are seeing the transparency of it but there are others that are looking into the other side and seeing the flaws. As you stay connected to the giver of life you will be safe in the secret place and experience the awe of God in your life in 2010.

Gene Redlin – You hear in media that things will be OK. Things are recovering. Strained optimism is everywhere. They are nothing more than signs in the tea leaves. False hope is rebounding everywhere. Even those who are MY Prophets are saying things will be fine. That is true, but not for all people and not for a long time...The only thing supporting this economy is hope in government, hope in systems, hope in hope. Until Hope in ME is restored there is no hope. Only hopelessness. The greed and excess that caused Baal to fall has not yet been removed from a system with evil as it's intention. This is more than just a floating higher balloon driven by so much hot air, this is an illusion. People have become prisoners of hope. There will be one more drastic downturn soon. Efforts will be made to hold this off until after the political season. It will only make things worse. Corruption to be removed is at the heart of this judgment. Once this downturn is completed it will be a very long time until recovery can take place. Well into the decade to come. 2015. Oil prices will soar, for a short time. Gold will go up in value for a very short time, housing will not recover for a very long time, Unemployment is going to stay very high. This will be a time for you to learn to TRUST in MY provision. For some it will be ravens by the Brook. For others a cruz of oil and a little meal. Fear not. It's all part of an adjustment that must come. It will mean a currency devaluation that will stagger many. Wealth will be destroyed. It will mean that many will come to the end of themselves. True wealth will be found, and it's not in worldly systems. It's time for truth and justice to be restored. The old systems have become a false God. It was essential that this idol come down. I will have no other God's before ME. I stand above any man's market or economy. When I call a famine or prosperity I call for it and it will happen. Be certain, I will take away anything that tries to substitute itself for dependence on ME. Particularly those called by my name must repent of dependence on the world for their provision as if they have forgotten my name as Jehovah Jireh. I am the Lord your God, there is no other. There will be more change in this decade then you ever imagined. Restoration of many things. Tearing down of others. Seeming disasters beyond understanding. Amazing miracles. Discoveries. Peace. War. Resolution. Birth. Death. Pain. Joy. Challenges to everything you believe. Then affirmation of that Faith you hold so dear. You will be refined as by fire. And it has ever been thus. And will be. The end of 2010 will be the beginning of these things

Friday, April 16, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – Biological Threat Protection

Part of your Urban Survival Planning needs to be how you are going to handle, work around or move through possibly contaminated people and environments.

We faced a recent epidemic threat with the H1N1 Flu scare. Paper and cloth respirators as well as hand sanitizers were flying off the shelves at all stores. People were keeping their children out of school. People were just plain scared.

So that the possibility of a biological hazard into a Survival Scenario were the public broadcast of such information is non-existent. You will probably be at your Urban Survival Location for a period of time after the collapse is apparent, until you make the decision to launch to your Safe Location.

What are you going to do if people approach your Urban Survival Location that for any reason you may think they are carrying a disease? What if they appear sick? What if it is a group of nice people who beg you to help their sick child? What are you doing to do if you have to move to your Safe Location and come across an area with a bunch of bodies lying around without pools of blood or without any indicator of a violent death?

The Urban Survivalist should consider putting some type of respiratory protection equipment into their Survival Gear and Equipment load list. This may be simply face, ear and eye protection with nylon raingear, rubber boots and disposable gloves. Or, you could go whole hog with Biological Protection equipment comparable to the Military Chemical-Biological Protective Suits.

At a minimum you will need to protect your muscus membranes and open orifices such as you mouth, eyes and ears from contamination. Disposable gloves and a method to disinfect the exposed parts of your body.

On the low end of the cost spectrum, three piece protection kits from 3M, Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) or other companies

MSA Three-Piece Protection Kit

Respiratory Protection is NIOSH approved to 42 CFR 84, N95 class, Safety Goggle meets the High Impact requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003, Ear Plugs are tested in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974.

Ideal for someone looking for “the basics” in safety, or for the convenience of a packaged kit, the 3-Piece Protection Kit is appreciated by either the do-it-yourselfer or the crew chief. The kit’s blister package can be reused to store the products when not in use, further adding to its value.

3M Paint Spray/Pestiside Respirator

Disposable; Low profile, pliable soft face plate; Pesticide and paint spray respiratory protection; Dual cartridge; Kit includes: medium size respirator, two retainers and two pre-filters

MSA Full-Facepiece Multi-Purpose Respirator

This respirator is approved by NIOSH under the new 42 CFR 84 respirator certification regulations. This Multi-purpose respirator is approved to the P100 filter class, as well as for ammonia, organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, chlorine dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide (for escape only), formaldehyde, hydrogen fluoride, and methylamine gases.

This respirator is designed for applications that have exposures that need both eye and respiratory protection. The respirator can generally be used for higher concentrations of contaminants (exceptions do apply-contact MSA Safety Works for recommendations) than a standard half mask respirator.

MSA Phalanx™ Gas Masks

Protect against many hazards such as Biological Agents & Chemical Warfare Agents, Tear Gas, Nuisance Odor, and, Particulate and Dust.

Effective against riot control agents, including OC tear gas, the Phalanx Alpha gas mask has a dual-canister mount that allows weapon firing from either shoulder. The Phalanx Beta offers a demand-style Hycar Ultra-vue facepiece. A standard speaking diaphragm provides clear, close-range communication.

For an education on respiratory protective standards please go to MSA’s website:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Survival Chronicles of Jim – Chapter 12

Continuing my Urban Survival Preparation with Survival Gear and Equipment procurement, I ordered and received two Motorola MR350 FRS/GMRS radios and charger. Although I preferred to have FRS radios that worked on replaceable AA batteries so I could simplify my power supplies through recharging the AA batteries with my 12v Energizer vehicle charger, these radio came with re-chargeable batteries. I can charge the batteries, in a crisis, using a 12v to 110/115v vehicle inverter which I’ll need to buy.

Before my son left for college, when he was in middle school through high school, I was in the habit of putting all my change in a glass jar for him. Once a year or so he would take the coins to the bank and convert to paper money. I have continued to do that but the glass jar has grown to several containers. A few days ago I emptied out the jar and found six pre-’65 Roosevelt dimes, four pre-’65 Washington Quarters and eleven post-’64 Kennedy Half Dollars.

Using the Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator from, I determined that the Roosevelt dimes were worth $7.98 (from a $0.60 face value); the Washington Quarters worth $13.30 (from a $1.00 face value); and, the Kennedy Half Dollars worth $29.92 (from a $5.50 face value). Wow! Now I have over $50 in melt value of silver coins to add to the 10 one-ounce Silver Rounds I just bought for close to $200.

I am going to re-double my efforts to look at every coin that passes through my hands,...maybe I can find some more old Silver coins valuable for their silver melt value.

I also went to COSTCO and bought three 50 lb bags of dog food, two 10 lb bags of rice, and two cases each of Green Beans, Peas, Dinty Moore Beef Stew and Campbell's Vegetable Soup. As I finish up each case or bag, I’ll replace it so I always have a supply on hand. Remember it’s just me. Although Neomi may end up staying with me in the immediate aftermath of a collapse, my Urban Survival Plan includes Bugging Out to the family cabin in the mountains.

I still plan on buying some more dehydrated food, mainly fruit and powered eggs, from EarthWaveLiving.

Be ready.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Urban Survival Gear and Equipment – Product Review on SOG Power Lock Tool

One of the better pieces of Survival Gear or Equipment that we have seen lately is the SOG Power Lock Multi-Tool.

The version we tested is coated in Stainless Steel with a Black Oxide finish and comes with a nylon sheath.

There are several unique things about the SOG Power Lock Multi-Tool: the compound leverage that you gain through two gears at the pivot point allows you to cut through some pretty heavy wire; A crimper tool designed for crimping non-electric blasting caps onto detontation (det) cord but more useful for most people crimping electrical connections onto wire; flip up handle covers allowing for comfortable and safe use; Piano locks to secure tools for use; and many other tools probably the most useful being the robust needle nose pliers and cutting blade.

This tool is similar in size and dimension to other tools, from SOG, Gerber or Leatherman. Having a closed length of 4.6 inches, an open length of 7 inches, and a weight of 9.6 ounces this tool is approximately the same sized as earlier version of multi-tools you have seen.

This is now our Multi-tool of choice. Every Urban, Suburban or remote area Survivalist should have one handy and carry it on their body – not in their Survival Bug Out Bag. Although a second multi-tool in your Survival Bug Out makes sense as well.

Urban Survival Planning – Losing Focus and Fighting Complacency

It is easy to get caught up in your day job and life and lose focus on your Urban Survival Planning.

You’ve got to stay focused my friends. Do not let the talking heads on television or cable news lull you into a false sense of security telling you the economy is getting better, the threat of recession has passed, etc.

The best way to stay focused is to build an Urban Survival Tasks List. Start by writing a list on everything you need to do and all the Survival Gear and Equipment you need to procure. This is going to be a “living” document, as many tasks will be added and some even crossed off. You can prioritize these tasks and the easiest way to do this is to assign a priority number such as 1 – immediate tasks, 2 – near term tasks, 3 – long term tasks. Sometimes the circumstances may allow you to fulfill or complete a long term task before you can get to a near term or immediate task.

These may be simple tasks such as buying Silver rounds or collecting Silver coins for their silver melt value; could be tasks (or re-occuring tasks) such as firearms or tool maintenance; or could be larger tasks requiring a commitment of money such as to procure another firearms or a an expensive item of Survival Gear or Equipment.

Maybe one of your tasks is to read a survival book either a “how to” or a fictionalized account on survival, such as “Patriots” or “Lights Out”. Maybe the only thing you get done that day is to read a Chapter. That’s fine, at least you’re moving forward and rest assured that even if you are just thinking about Urban Survival Planning and Preparation you are still ahead of the vast majority of the American population.

But don't rest here. Just being ahead of the vast majority of the American population is going to be of little solace when a collapse hits and catches you unprepared or less than optimally prepared. Instead, ask yourself each day “what have I done today to get better prepared”? Work your list. Review it each day. Add tasks as necessary. Get Prepared!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Urban Survival Food – Growing an Urban Garden

This post is a companion to the previous post on procuring and storing Vegetable and Crop Seeds for post collapse Survival Food supply. See: Stockpiling Crop Seeds

Procuring the necessary amount of non-hybrid seeds to be prepared to grow your own food source maybe the biggest end of being prepared in this aspect, however we feel that no matter what the current situation is now the potential Urban Survivalist should at least grow a small garden now in order to gain the experience that comes with trial and error.

Some of the biggest factors in an Urban Survival Garden are space and dirt in which to plant and grow. You don’t have to bring in a couple tons of topsoil in order to have a survival garden. Almost any container is suitable for certain types of vegetables.

Larger root vegetables such as potatoes will obvious need a larger container than would smaller root vegetables such as radishes.

Vine vegetables such as squash, cucumbers, watermelons and such will do fine in smaller containers.

There is a very good website for urban gardening and we have run across in past. This site used commercial bags of topsoil bought at a hardware or store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. These Urban farmers punched drain holes in one side of the bag, then turned the bag over and created a larger window in this side to allow the planting and watering. This technique probably saves a lot of water with the plastic container containing most of it as to allow the roots to take the water in along with nutrients from the soil.

Although planting in topsoil bags is a great idea, it also is a more costly as we checked at Lowe’s recently and these bags of topsoil were selling for over $5.00 each. Most vegetables will do fine in free dirt. Our favorite is a mix of sand and horse manure that we get for free – one we shovel up in the desert or an open lot, and the other we get from a local horse trainer. With sufficient water we grew incredibly large Black Magic Squash last summer.

We use all sorts of containers,…..various sized buckets with drain holes punched in the bottom and a narrow layer of rocks to aid in drainage before we add the soil mix. We keep the soil a few inches below the top of the bucket so that water can be added without it running off the bucket.

Heavy duty trash bags or surplus military sand bags make a good container also, especially for vine vegetables and fruits as the vines will grow out and bear fruit – the container serves only to house the plant’s roots to get minerals, water and nutrients from the soil.

Practically any container that allows for root growth and drainage would work. If you are a true Urban Environment Survivalist,….that is living inside the concrete jungle,…maybe commercial bought, bagged topsoil is your only option,. If so, then maybe you can transplant the top soil to other containers in order to use only what you need for that plant(s) to thrive.

Whatever plants you decide upon planting, there are many free resources to learn how that plants or crop grow best. These sources may be any local or state agricultural extension office, as well as the abundance of on-line resources. Both these resources may not be accessible after the collapse, get the information now that you are going to need to grow crops.

There is no reason that a winter crop cannot be achieved using a green house. After a collapse, of practically any kind, procurement of needed materials such as glass and food to frame up protect the crops while allowing sunlight, may be very hard to do.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – the Survival Food Triangle

This is NOT your USDA Food triangle explaining what we need for our daily nutritional requirements and such. This Food triangle is the 3 ways Urban Survivalists are going to be able to access Food for survival.

The three main food procurement areas are Stored Foods, Harvested Foods and Bartered Foods.

Stored Foods which are you pantry items that you have been stockpiling; any cases of MRE’s, or stored whole foods such as grain and beans in sealed buckets; #10 cans of dehydrated vegetables – powdered milk – fruits, etc. We would consider six months of stored food as a viable objective and necessary asset.

Harvested Foods are plants and animals that which you cultivate or hunt for food. This would include crops that you plant, cultivate, grow and harvest which are mostly vegetables unless you are far sighted enough to procure fruit seeds or plant fruit bearing trees. This also includes livestock and their produce such as goats or milk or meat, chickens for eggs, etc. I would think that practically any animal, other than cats, could serve as meat animals and this includes dogs.

The six month supply of stored food would conceivably get you and your family through a non-growing season and give you time to establish your Survival Garden.

The third leg of the Survival Food triangle is Bartered Food, regardless if this is prepared foods, raw foods, raw meat or living livestock this would be food items you barter for. You would probably perform manual labor or trade Survival Gear or equipment in exchange for these foods items.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – Survival Equipment Ready Buckets

This post is Urban Survival Planning – Survival Equipment Ready Buckets and is intended to be a companion to the last post on Storage Containers which described various plastic buckets with lids and surplus military ammunition cans as great way to organize and storage your Survival Gear, Equipment and Material.

The new Urban Survivalist preparing for a collapse will undoubtedly be concerned with how he/she is going to protect and feed themselves or his/her family. This is natural and probably one of the most important aspects of Urban Survival Preparation. It is certainly one of them ore expensive aspects buying Survival Equipment and Gear such as firearms and ammunition; canned, dehydrated and bulk food; camping gear such as sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, compasses, etc;

The Urban Survivalist must also look other items of follow on Survival importance such as mechanical tools; canning equipment; durable clothing and footwear.

One of best uses for the larger plastic paint can type buckets are to store and label these other important Survival items so they won’t get left behind.

A plastic bucket, labeled ”Hand Tools” and storing a hammer, hand rip saw, hand hack saw, screwdriver set, boxes of various nails and screws would be a handy kit to rapidly identify for use at the Urban home prior to a bug out to the Safe location but also ensure it gets identified and placed into your vehicle when you are preparing to move. Think about additional hammer, nails and common tools as these would allow more work to be accomplished at once, or become a viable barter item.

Another plastic bucket, labeled “Sockets and Bolts” could serve to hold a metric and standard socket set, rachet, large and small crescent wrenches, and a supply of common bolts, washers, lock washers and nuts.

Maybe a bucket labeled “PVC repair kit” with various PVC connectors and extensions, elbows, cleaner and PVC glue would be a good idea along with a bundle of PVC pipe to fashion or repair water lines.

Another good idea would be a bucket labeled “Camping Utensils” with metal or plastic spoons, forks, metal plates, metal cups,…maybe a coffee pot, four quart bucket, frying pan and whatever you think also may be of use

Without a doubt you should consider a bucket labeled “toilet” with a supply of plastic bags to line the bucket, toilet paper, handy wipes or diaper wipes, water less hand cleaner or sanitizer, maybe some tampons if women are in your survival group.

Remember that these buckets are dual use. They can serve as seats, tables, store other items such as food when you procure plants and be used to collect water.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – Be Prepared to Vacate Your Home

The alternate titles for this post are: When Home no longer is an Option; Being ready to execute your Survival Bug Out Plan; or, Withdrawal to the Safe Location.
In any event, we have written several times about not only having a safe location and a plan to get their,…remember Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency Routes?

Remember making your vehicle ready to get you there with extra stored food, extra spare tire, tools and even material to camouflage your vehicle if you have to hide it or remain over night or day at a location in between? Remember planning for foot movement overland in case your vehicle craps out or the roads or even the situation dictates moving on foot?

We have also said that most urban Survivors will make probably the decision to leave their Urban or Suburban homes later rather than sooner, in any case the Urban Survivor needs to be prepared to go at a moment’s notice. The last thing you need to be doing is throwing loose Survival Gear and Equipment and other odds and ends, however so necessary, into your vehicle.

The key is organization. And the key to organization is labeled containers. Cardboard boxes, plastic bags and fragile, one use containers should be avoided. Instead look to store your Survival Gear and Equipment, and other commodities such as food, seeds, tools, clothes, ammunition, and hardware to name some categories, in containers like buckets with lids, ammunition cans and gears bags such as rucksacks or daypacks.

This is separate from your Survival Bug Out Bag. Remember, your Survival Bug Out Bag is a last ditch small to medium sized rucksack that contains only the immediate essential Survival Equipment and Gear that you absolutely require.

Buckets can of course be purchased. However you may have some rural friends with livestock and they probably routinely throw supplement buckets with lids away. Lowe’s and Home Depot throw used paint buckets away. Check with the store or look in the dumpsters (probably better to ask first). We use a lot of buckets and hardly ever throw them away, unless they are flimsy. The picture (left) depicts many styles and type of plastic buckets.

Military ammunition cans are great storage containers. In good condition they have a rubber seal, however they are heavier than plastic buckets. Surplus stores and gun shows are the primary place to procure military ammunition cans. On-line or hard copy Survival Equipment stores also sell these. The large ammunition can in the picture (Left) is a 40mm ammunition can, while the smaller one is a small arms ammunition can.

Both types of containers have dual or multiple uses. They can of course be re-used for many different Survival Equipment and Gear; can be used to collect water or other foraged material in; can be used for expedient seats or tables; and importantly will last along time.

We use both kinds with labeling to rapidly identify what the contents are. The ammunition cans are particularly good for storage fragile or semi-fragile items like battery powered lanterns, other electronics, medical supplies, and liquids such as cleaning solvents, bleaches, etc.

Having organized Survival Gear, Equipment and Material in durable and labeled containers will not only store your items in a protective manner but will greatly assist in the decision making and packing of Survival Equipment and Gear when you have to rapidly vacate your Urban Home for a withdrawal to your planned Safe Location.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Urban Survival Skills – Communications Security 101 and Brevity Codes

The average Urban Survivalist using FRS/GMRS radios, like the various brands and models you buy from Wal-Mart, Target, etc., will need to develop communications protocols to ensure he/she and his/her survival group are using the radios in the most secure fashion possible.

Without some sort of communications security, the Urban Survival group risk providing potential threats with information that can be used against the Survival Group.

You, the Urban Survivalist, just may be more technical savvy than what we have to offer in this post. This is designed to help the Urban Survivalist adding common off the shelf FRS/GMRS radios to their Survival Gear and Equipment inventory and who do not have any idea of what communications security may mean.

Some of the FRS radios come with a voice scrambling mode using a form called voice inversion. This type of scrambling or Voice Inversion is easy to break using common voice inversion defeating SD type cards in handheld off the shelf frequency scanners. I understand that there is free software available on the internet that can be used in combination with computer sound cards to decode voice inversion.

So be aware that what you say on the radio will be easily picked up, decoded and understood by anybody who tries. There will be people who be able to determine a direction, from them to you, based on intercepting your signal. This can be accomplished using commercials radio direction finding equipment (called Signals Intelligence in the Military) or by skilled amateurs determining the direction of the strongest signal from your radios.

Simply, the Urban Survivalist needs to understand and use these precautions when using FRS radios.

Use Minimal Transmission Time. The longer you are on the air or transmitting the easier it is for someone to determine your direction and location, and, the longer you are transmitting, the more information you will be providing to eavesdroppers to exploit.

Protect Essential Information. Develop a list of information that you will never transmit or talk about on the radio. Some of these will be: Names – never names on the radio, instead use fictious names or code names; Locations – never send location, grid coordinates or any information that could be used to determine where you are; Assets – never talk about any assets you may have like people, food, vehicles, firearms,…anything!

Do Not Use Military Type lingo. We debated about this, but we think the easiest thing to do would be not to use military language as any eavesdroppers could determine you are a fairly well prepared Survival Group with Survival Gear, Equipment and Supplies but not too proficient to be able to hold onto to if the eavesdroppers attacked you. The flip side is that if you sounded too competent and well prepared then potential attackers may leave you alone. We think it’s better to try and stay under the radar screen.

Brevity codes are short words or phrases that have a longer meaning. Codes names are a replacement name for a location, person or thing that would not identify it.

A radio conversation that would transmit too much information may sound like this:
Person A: “House Security this is Security Patrol”
Person B: “Go ahead Recon Patrol”
Person A: “We finished with the Security Patrol and am heading back to your location, will be there in 15 minutes”
Person B: “Good copy Security Patrol”

Substitute some fictious names and some brevity codes and the sme conversation may sound like this:
Person A: “Hey James this is Charles”
Person B: “Go ahead Charlie”
Person A: “I got the house cleaned and mopped”
Person B: “Excellent”

House Cleaned means "Security Patrol finished". I’m cleaning the house means "still conducting the Security Patrol". Mopped may mean "I’m 15 minutes from re-entering the Survival Location". Excellent may mean "good copy".

We at will be doing some additional communications posts in the near future – please stay tuned, stay safe and get prepared.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Review - Financial Armageddon, by Michael J. Panzner

Full Book Title: Financial Armageddon: Protect Your Future from Economic Collapse, by Michael J. Panzner

Financial Armageddon depicts a disturbing collapse of the U.S economy plunging us all into a very dire Survival Scenario. Michael Panzner takes financial gogbbledegook and makes it understandable for all. It is pessimistic and predicts hyper-inflation, a terrible depression and other very bad scenarios. And this was in 2006 when he finished the book, with an update in 2008. None of the things that have happened since have basically affected how the book was written, but present day events will certainly correlate what he predicts.

This book is really depressing, however realistic. If the crash comes like Panzner predicts it will be a horrible event. Urban Survival believes this is the most likely Urban Survival scenario.

Panzner does provide some preparation guidelines so people can prepare themselves financially. This book “worst cases” a total economic breakdown making each of us on our own. Pensions, be it social security, private or governmental just may not be there. How can it with the U.S. falling steeply into debt?

Read this book, understand the possibilities of several scenarios, all not good at all, and come away better informed and with a will to prepare much better.

Publisher: Kaplan Publishing; Revised edition (May 6, 2008); ISBN-10: 1427797412; ISBN-13: 978-1427797414

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Survival Chronicles of Jim - Chapter 12

It's been awhile since I wrote last about my Urban Survival Preparations and Survival Gear and Equipment procurement plan. Just as well as I needed the time to order some of the essential Survival Gear I was missing.

I finally bought some Silver bullion in the form of 1 ounce Silver Rounds from Northwest Territorial Mint. I bought ten (10) of them and it costs me a total of $194.10

Bought two of the Suisee Sport Alpine Adult Mummy (Sleeping) bags from the Survival Store (link to the right). This purchase cost a total of approximately $100.00 (can't remember exactly). When they arrived I realized I made a good buy on this item of Survival Gear. The Suisse Sport Alpine Mummy bags are green and sage in color, have a lot of room, are good for comfort to zero degrees and compress into a small package in the compression-stuff sack.

My Urban Survival Preparation in the Survival Foods area was weak, not counting some Mainstay Food Bars I have in my Survival Bug Out Bag and in my initial cache near my Safe Location, so I bought a case of dehydrated food, from EarthWaveLiving. This case consisted of six #10 cans (large coffee cans) so I bought one can each of powdered eggs, hash brown potatoes, carrots, peas, blueberries and peaches. Oh by the way, this case of food cost approximately $110.00, not too bad for what I figure would be around 30 days of food for two people if rationed correctly. I'm going to have to talk to Neomi about buying, storing and caching food.

I also went to the grocery store and bought three 50 pound bags of dog food and will replace each one as I use it to ensure that when I do bug out I have at least 100 pounds of dog food to take with me to the safe location. I will probably cache some more near the cabin but have to figure out how to package it.

My next task is to buy and store some rice and beans and prepare a cache of rice and beans near the safe location as well. And I'm going to see about buying another gun so my son can use it. Being new and clueless to guns I'll talk to the boys (the Survival Cadre who write this blog) and see what they think.
You all be safe and get prepared.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Urban Survival Planning - More Reason to Get Prepared

The Urban Survivor planning grabbing his/her Survival Bug Out Bug, loading all other Survival Gear and Equipment and "getting out of Dodge" enroute to their planned Safe Location, needs to time the withdrawal correctly. Too late to Bug Out and you may find yourself trapped in the city or suburbs with dwindling food and threats all around.

A Decision Matrix where you track various information concerning the economic-financial, political, health and other circumstances would allow the Urban Survivor to determine additional steps in Survival readiness and preparedness for hunkering down at your present Urban-Suburban location or for the tactical withdrawal to the safe location.

Thins are not looking good out in the world right now.

Iran is continuing to develop a nuclear capability. The Chinese, our biggest creditors, are blocking meaningful sanctions. War or even just a military strike by the Israelis will plunge the Middle East in additional turmoil and drive up fuel prices therefore the prices of food and other commodities placing us closer to economic collapse.

Unemployment is killing the United States. The Obama Health Care bill will add additional taxes and drive more people out of work and into entitlement programs further worsening our situation.

The government reported 162,000 jobs added in March 2010. 48,000 of these were Census workers and an additional 40,000 were Temporary Services. The rolls of people unemployed or over 27 weeks increased by 414,000. The list of discouraged workers, that is people not longer looking for work increased by 309,000.

More small business failed in Jan, Feb and Mar 2010 in all of 2009.

The United States credit status where we enjoy a Trip A (AAA) bond rating may be lowered to a double A (AA) status thereby increasing our interest payments on the debt to the Chinese and others, further increasing he National Debt now standing at 12.7 Trillion dollars, and, increasing interest rates for all consumers.

Now, is there any reason you are not doing all you can do to get prepared for some time of collapse, most probably economic and financial in nature? Or at least considering steps to make yourself more self-sufficient?

Friday, April 2, 2010

EarthWaveLiving Mountain House Food Sale

Earth Wave Living is currently having a sale, 1 April through 15 April on Mountain House Freeze Dried food as well as other Survival and Self Sufficiency oriented products.

20-25% discount use discount code: MH20

EarthWaveLiving offers a full variety of #10 Cans & Pouches by the case; Food Packages to provide food from 6 Months up to 4 Years; Up to 25 Year Shelf Life on Mountain House freeze dried food. Mountain House Freeze Dried food is compact and requiring no cooking – just adding water.

You can access Earth Wave Living through their link on the right side of this page.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – Water Management, Pre and Post Collapse

One of the foremost factors in your Survival planning has got to be Water. Without water you will die and die quickly. A person can go without water for maybe 48 hours maybe slightly longer depending upon activity, but towards the end of period without water, that person’s ability to accomplish tasks such as moving and even thinking will be greatly reduced until their body shuts down and dies.

What this means to the Urban Survivor developing his/her Survival Plan is that you have to plan for water throughout the phases of your Urban Survival Plan.

You should be planning on leaving your Urban or Suburban location for a safe location. This safe location should have a water source and not rely on public utilities for water. Such as a stream or river, a well, a lake, etc. If the source is a well, how will it be powered after the power utilities go out?

You would most likely be at your urban or suburban location for a period of time after the collapse is evident, unless you are really on the ball. If you stay at your home for any length of time following a shut down of the water utilities you will need to plan for water to last as long as you are going to stay there and then plan a safety factor. One gallon per person per day would be minimum and you should consider people that may end up part of your survival group.

If you drink bottled water and normally store a case in your pantry, then you may want to consider stocking say ten (10) cases, and each week or two, replenishing your supply so if the collapse hits you unexpectedly you have a supply on hand.

You may think about having empty water storage containers such as one gallon camping type water jugs or even 5 gallon cans. Once events starts happening to make you nervous, then start filling.

If you still have water pressure and you know water is or has been cut off, you maybe be able to fill your bathtub(s) and use that water first.

If and when the collapse hits and water utilities are out, do not use water for non-essential things like washing-bathing or flushing toilets. Consider now, how you are doing to deal with human waste. A porta-potty type arrangement, or even storing waste in sealed plastic bags, such as trash bags or grocery bags, then into a larger container would work.

If you get caught short, there is a small supply of water you can purify and use for drinking in the toilet tanks and hot water heaters.

If you store water for a long time, you may need to purify it. See the earlier post under Survival Skills for water purification.

Again once the Collapse hits you need to have water for the time your are going to be at your present Urban or Suburban location, and for your movement to your safe location. Consider a safety factory in case your time line doesn’t go according to plan. Consider your purification needs and protocols as well. Be safe.