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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Urban Survival Tools - Flashlights

Flashlights are indispensable tools, so much in fact that you should have several different types for the different survival applications. Artificial light provided by low powered flashlights are necessary for working and reading in low light conditions and the higher powered flashlights, with light intensity measured in lumens, can be great tools to use against attackers. In fact, the assault light concept was pioneered from high lumen producing flashlights. For instance, shining a 60 lumen light into someone’s eyes from 15 feet away will certainly make a subject look away or shield his eyes.

Flashlights using 123A Lithium type batteries produce much more light: 60 to 300 lumens in handheld flashlights, while the AA or AAA battery models produce substantially less lumens. Flashlights can be purchased in the bulb or LED model. We highly recommend the LED model as they are much less prone to breaking and won’t burn out. The problem with the high lumen output flashlights is the batteries. We are not aware of any rechargeable 123A type Lithium batteries, therefore requiring a stockpile of batteries with the resulting storage problem and these batteries have a much shorter run time.

There are numerous makers of flashlights that use bulbs or LED’s and AA or AAA batteries. Although the lumen output is considerable less, these flashlights would be of more use in most survival tasks. And very importantly, rechargeable batteries can be purchased with 110/15 v wall charger and 12v car chargers, which we highly recommended.
A couple of the flashlights we recommend are:


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  2. Well what Flashlights do you recommend?
    Why did it stop in the middle? If it is a problem of staying up to date, simply add a "last updated" stamp to the post, and more importantly: what to look for when purchasing a flashlight fit for survival.

  3. stream light PRO stylist is a great EDC carry lite.

  4. when I was in search& rescue, I always tried to carry 3 flashlights with same type battery . Double AA's were my personal standard. when LED lights came along it, it was heaven. I always bought only flashlights that would take double AA's, same for GPS or frs radios or even my hand Amateur radios. I could carry a pack of 20 double AA batt's in my pack or jeep and be set. I don't have lights on my weapons, but if I did, I would carry double AA. finding a store at night to buy a specialty battery would be tough or usually cost you a arm and leg.


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