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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book Review: Lights Out by Half Fast

You won’t find Lights Out in the bookstore, but it’s a must read none-the-less. Like the book “One Second After”, Lights Out focuses on surviving the aftermath of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from a nuclear device. Where this differs from One Second After, is the story location is the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas rather than the Appalachian Mountains. Lights Out is not only a good read, but serves as story where lessons learned, primarily in survival preparation can be compiled. In each instance of a problem, you should ask yourself “what would I do?”

To be sure, as the story unfolds, the survivors in Lights Out, organize together in a group comprised of the residents of their local sub-division/community. The author “best cases” situations where the survivors have local auto parts stores, grocery stores and gun stores, as well as others, open for a considerable time after infrastructure failure, which is very unrealistic. The relative ease in which the larger survival group organizes and works together is perfect world and not realistic. Falling into exceptional barter situations for weapons and ammunition deal, finding just the right auto part and other strokes of good luck populate the book. However, the challenges of water procurement, food procurement, farming, group security, communications, establishing governmental type unit are all situations the author takes the reader through with the group’s solutions.

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this is a must read book for the survivor planner.