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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Latest Pistol Caliber Carbine - Suitable for the Collapse?

Probably the highest density of e-mails I receive are questions regarding survival guns. Readers ask me what weapons or arsenal of weapons I would consider suitable to survive a total collapse. The bottom line is: Have a gun, in fact have several; have sufficient ammunition for each gun; be competent with each gun you own and train your family members to use them as well.

Having said that there are some guns that are more suitable than others for particular or general situations. Here are some instances or things to consider:

If you have a bug out location,such as a house of cabin with hundreds of yards of cleared fields of fire or observation, why would someone limit their survival firearms to handguns, pistol caliber carbines and Shotguns? You would run the risk of being out ranged.

If you are an urban dweller and plan to bug in the urban environment or to transit large urban areas during your bug out, why would you limit yourself to long barreled shotguns or rifles?

Consider your environment. Consider your ranges. Consider your potential threats and density of threats.

While the M1911 .45 caliber semi -automatic is a great gun, with a single stack magazine, it may not be the best choice of a high density threat environment. I, for one, would prefer a large capacity 9mm for a handgun. Same as for a rifle. A .308 caliber M1A1 rifle is a great weapon, but perhaps an M-4 carbine could be better suited for the urban environment.

So that bring me to the latest question I received, and that was what do I think about the latest pistol caliber carbine to hit the market, the MasterPiece Arms MPA30DMG 9mm. The question was if I thought a decent survival arsenal would be the MasterPiece Arms MPA30DMG 9mm carbine to go with a Glock 17 handgun.


Here is the data on the MasterPiece Arms MPA30DMG 9mm:

Price: MSRP - $966.00

Company Narrative: The grip is our most ergonomically designed grip system incorporating a “Solidworks” designed profile allowing the use of standard Glock style magazines, with a low profile magazine release and “Decal Grip” grip panels. The lower is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, provides cleaner lines and lighter weight than our standard steel receivers. The Hand guard is produced from an Aluminum Extrusion, has no fasteners, and is free floating.


Cal: 9mm
Barrel Length: 16.2
Thread: 1/2-28
Side Cocker
Side Folder Stock
Scope Mount
Barrel Extension
Adjustable Front and Rear Sights
Accepts Standard Glock Style High Capacity Magazines (1 Mag Included)
Coating: Cerakote (Burnt Bronze is standard color – other colors available including Black, Tungsten, Sniper Green, Gunmetal and FDE.
Decal Grip Grip Panels
Hammer with Disconnect plus original Hammer
MPA Polymer Case

While I have carbines - M4 and M1's, I do not own a pistol caliber carbine. My reasoning is why have a large platform that only shoots pistol calibers? Although it may be useful for some of your survival teams members, e.g.. ladies, old people and children. But if you have to own one, then own one that has magazines that are inter-changeable with your handguns.

Urban Man


  1. Guns are always much essential part of doubt it and good review...

  2. I subscribe to the belief that the environment you are in dictates the firearms used/required. If you have limited resources a 5.56/7.62mm combination of rifles will be able to do the job well. As a realist, I know that a pistol caliber is lighter in resource use, less powder, no copper jackets required and a hard cast bullet can penetrate very well in most circumstances. In a possible collapse scenario your ammo will be precious and being able to use a pistol caliber carbine may allow you to husband resources and stretch your rifle ammo a lot further. Remember the .45 and 9mm from a carbine are a good man stopper out to 100yds. That is why the military used them for 40+ yrs. In general you will not be going to war against well trained troops in body armour and heavy weapons. You will be going up against the untrained, frightened and desperate people looking for help, food and shelter. While still very dangerous, these people will not generally be armed and if they are it will be with whatever they had at home or scrounged on the road. At close range the ability to place rapid accurate fire on target with a rifle/carbine is what will win the day. Pistol calibers fit the bill for this close range issue and will be lighter on resources when reloading allowing you to save the scarcer/harder to replace jacketed ammo for more serious needs. Again just my humble opinion. TTFN

  3. Just some thoughts.
    A PCC may have a unforeseen advantage in that it is shorter ranged than a flat shooting M4 inside a heavy populated urban area. With the drop of a 45acp PCC shooting at say waste height the drop would ground the round in less than 2 average city blocks. 308, 223, or 762x39 has a much longer lethal range and possible over penetration problems where not everyone in the world is a bad person. PCCs tend to be very accurate for the range they were built to operate in.
    Why not have a good lower cost PCC in you safe ready to go for in yard or within the block defense or defending in a mob or riot situation when the range may be short and the back ground may not be known or save to fire into due to family homes or friends beyond your line of fire.
    Shotgun with slugs and or buckshot may serve this purpose but a PCC with low recoil and better accuracy would be much more user friendly and for about the same cost as a good shotgun.

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