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Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Review - Financial Armageddon, by Michael J. Panzner

Full Book Title: Financial Armageddon: Protect Your Future from Economic Collapse, by Michael J. Panzner

Financial Armageddon depicts a disturbing collapse of the U.S economy plunging us all into a very dire Survival Scenario. Michael Panzner takes financial gogbbledegook and makes it understandable for all. It is pessimistic and predicts hyper-inflation, a terrible depression and other very bad scenarios. And this was in 2006 when he finished the book, with an update in 2008. None of the things that have happened since have basically affected how the book was written, but present day events will certainly correlate what he predicts.

This book is really depressing, however realistic. If the crash comes like Panzner predicts it will be a horrible event. Urban Survival believes this is the most likely Urban Survival scenario.

Panzner does provide some preparation guidelines so people can prepare themselves financially. This book “worst cases” a total economic breakdown making each of us on our own. Pensions, be it social security, private or governmental just may not be there. How can it with the U.S. falling steeply into debt?

Read this book, understand the possibilities of several scenarios, all not good at all, and come away better informed and with a will to prepare much better.

Publisher: Kaplan Publishing; Revised edition (May 6, 2008); ISBN-10: 1427797412; ISBN-13: 978-1427797414

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