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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book Review – Green Eyes, Black Rifles, By Kyle Lamb

Although the beginning of this site is to provide an initial exposure to Survival and Preparedness oriented towards the relatively unprepared urbanite (or suburbanite), we are intending in the future to address issues and concerns for more serious practitioners of Survival preparedness and those would certainly include owners of M-4 or M-16/AR-15 type carbines and rifles. However, we have decided from time to time to reach past where we currently are and jump into advanced issues, equipment and concepts.

In that vein, we wanted to share our look at the book “Green Eyes & Black Rifles: Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine”, by Kyle Lamb.

The readers of this site may not be familiar with Kyle Lamb, a retired Special Forces Sergeant Major, but anybody who is anyone in the shooting and training world know who he is. Kyle is probably the most experienced and talented firearms instructor currently plying his trade. From Mogadishu to Bagdad, and other places to be sure, Kyle Lamb certainly has the credentials to explain the basic and advanced employment of AR type carbine/rifle.

If you own an AR type rifle (M-4 or various clones, M16 or various models) you WANT a copy of this book as it covers everything and more, from zeros; to positional shooting; to mounting, zeroing and using scopes; to training courses, etc. Our copies of this book are highly prized and even more secured (so they won’t wander off as good kit tends to do).

Publisher: Trample & Hurdle Publishers; 1st edition (January 17, 2008); ISBN-10: 0615166547; ISBN-13: 978-0615166544