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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

After Armageddon 5 of 9 - A History Channel Program and Lessons Learned

Week 17 finds Chris, his wife Ellen and son Casey's escape or withdrawal from the city continuing. Chris gets an abandoned vehicle started and finds a snub nose revolver. Three days after they left their house they continue on in this vehicle but run into a road block by armed persons committed to not letting anyone into their community. believes this will happen all across the country even in gated type communities in the suburbs. People will be forced to work together as Survival is a team sport. As resources become scarce people will become barbaric and the Urban and Suburban environments will see survivors leaving in search of food.

Chris and his family leave town and demonstrate very little Situational Awareness. His lack of route planning continue to effect his ability to travel. The commentator speaks to the fallacy of traveling on major routes.

Poor initially planning and not effectively conserving their resources, Chris is forced to enter into an industrial park to barter for water and food which goes no where. After Chris is confronted trying to steal water, and food that he failed to obtain through barter, his wife shoots the ifle wielding mutt then Chris and his wife run away as opposed to grabbing the dead mutt's rifle and a case of water as they ran away.

Watch this again and see what you would have done differently. Hopefully you'll see how the Survival Preparation and Planning phase makes all the difference in the world.

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