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Monday, May 10, 2010

Survival Chronicles of Jim – Chapter 13

It seems to me that Urban Man and his associates have picked up speed on this site. I can see why they started slow with me as well as the information on this site starting with the basics. I now believe that you can’t do Survival Preparation for all likely events (economic collapse, Pandemic, or nuclear attack scenario) in your spare time. It has to be at least a part time effort. Part time is a dedicated effort whereas spare time is when you can fit it in.

Man, look at me! I have went from someone not even owning a gun to now someone planning to survive any number of likely catastrophic, society collapsing events. Since I wrote last, I bought another case of dehydrated food (Sliced Strawberries, Green Beans and Diced Beef) from EarthWaveLiving.

I recently bought an 12 Volt DC to 110 Volt AC power inverter that produces 900 watts continuous, 1800 watts peak power for use with a vehicle battery, although I realize that re-charging the vehicle battery will be problematic without fuel. I did look at Solar re-charging panels from a previous post on Portable Solar Power, but felt those panels were too expensive for my Survival Gear and Equipment budget. Reminds me to ask Urban Man to see if he can write post on more affordable solar panels.

The History Channel segments on After Armageddon and the commentary that Urban Man has recently been posting are outstanding. I had Neomi watch the first three and it must have spooked her as she asked me to explain in great detail what I have done so far to prepare for Urban Survival in the event of a collapse. She asked for the address of the Survival food companies, so I told her to go to this web site to access EarthWaveLiving.

I bought five more boxes (25) cartridges total of 12 gauge 00 Buckshot, and another 25 round box of #8 Birdshot, and, another 550 round box of .22 LR. Urban Man and his associates have been telling me I probably need a decent rifle so I’ll look at that purchase for the near future, especially since the scenario theat “After Armageddon” depicts are pretty scary.

I added ten (10) more one ounce Silver rounds to my collection Silver rounds and coins for Silver melt value. I have taken to keeping $400 in cash at my house just in case a collapse is sudden and I have a use for buying something, probably fuel, before paper money becomes worthless.

Well that’s about it for what I have accomplished in the past three weeks since I wrote last. What have you done?

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  1. has some really good prices on solar items and have stores in just about every major city.