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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Urban Survival Preparation - Celebrities Stocking Food

If you are reading this site and you are one of us preparing for a collapse of society as we know it, otherwise called The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), then you probably also listen to talk show radio and specifically Sean Hannity, who is also on Fox News Television.

Geting off track here but people with the good sense to prepare for numerous contingencies like a economic, societal collapse or pandemic type event are also people who believe in individual freedoms and responsibility, and, are most likely either fully seated in, or leaning to the right of the political spectrum - that's why you listen to talk show radio which present news and issues far from the government shrill.

Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, G. Gordon Liddy and other talk show radio and television celebrities have long advocated buying Gold and Silver as a hedge against inflation. The same amount of Gold it took to buy a nice suit of clothes of in 1880 will also buy the same quality clothing today even though clothing (and all material goods in fact) have expotentially risen in costs.

On the radio the other day we heard Sean Hannity pushing the purchasing and storing of freeze dried foods as a hedge against emergencies. This goes to show you that the preparation for catastrophic events like a pandemic, nuclear or dirty bomb/EMP attack, economic and societal collapse just ain't for the "radical fringe" anymore - really never was, but it's plain just common sense.

Now Sean did not go into any length about how much food to buy, but we know the considerations are: 1 - how long does stored food have to get you through to when you can plant and harvest or otherwise gain another food supply?, 2 - how many people are in your immediate survival group and what caloric intake and food requirements does this present?, 3 - can you expect urban survival strap hangers, family - friends or not, showing up for you to take care off?.

We banter around the stored six month food supply idea. The Mormons usually recommended something like the minimum of a year. And remember that food is not the only Urban Survival consideration. Other items like firearms for self defense and hunting, a dedicated clean water source other than city water pipes, and other Survival Gear and Equipment,...first aid and medical items, clothing and boots, etc. But back to food. If you have celebrities pushing for the buying and storing of food, then you know alot more people are now thinking like us.

What have you done to prepare this week? I bought another case of dehydrated fruits and vegetables from Honeyville Grain; also bought two "AA" flashlight to work with my rechargeable batteries,; and a buddy of mine gave me 100 rounds of .30-06 rifle ammunition which I do not have a gun for that cartridge, however I'll just put it in my ammunition box of odd ammunition which will be barter things in a collapse.

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