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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Survival Chronicles of Jim – Chapter 14

It's been almost three weeks since I last gave Urban Man an update on my Urban Survival preparations to post to this site.

Since I finished watching the After Armageddon video series I have spent much more time thinking about my survival preparations. The 3 months or so it took the character in After Armageddon to finally pack up and leave the city was giving me a false sense of time. Then I watched the two part Economic Collapse series and it kinda put time in perspective - a collapse can hit any day!

I ordered another six cans of Mountain House meals from EarthWaveLiving, two each Peas, Granola with Blueberries and Milk, and, Eggs with Ham. That gives me about what I figure is approximately 70 days of two servings per two people (my son and me) not counting Neomi, if she ends up co-locating with us either in the City or to our safe location.

I also have about an easy ten days of food in the house not counting if I rationed it. Urban Man told me I need about a minimum of six months food per person to get through non-growing seasons then I can hunt, fish and grow crops for food...never hunted, fished quite a bit so that would be a challenge for sure.

I also bought six 5 gallon water containers so I can rapidly fillup water, along with all my other containers, when I get even a jingle of something bad coming.

I bought four more packs of rechargeable AA batteries for my flashlights and lanterns. One of the things on my short list to buy right before a collapse hits, if I get the warning or even a tingle, is another car battery so I can use it with my DC/AC converter.

My biggest purchase in the last three weeks has been a Mosin-Nagant rifle I bought at a local discount sporting goods store for $169. Urban Man looked it over and said it was in good shape and even gave me 60 rounds of 7.62x54mm ammunition for it to go with the 40 cartridges I bought from the store. So now I have amy .22 pistol, a 12 gauge shotgun and this Mosin-Nagant rifle.

Urban Man told me the history on Mosin-Nagants with the Soviet Army and told me it was roughly the equivilent of Neomi's .30-06 rifle, and would serve well for hunting and can be used in a defense purposes. Urban Man has advised me on buying an M-4 carbine, but I just ain't there yet. I just not a gun guy.

I have also started growing some squash and cucumbers in my back yard and hope to have some vegetables in the summer as well as gain some valuable experience in growing things.

Well thats my report for now. To many I am way behind, but I suspect to most Americans I would seem a kook for even doing what little I have done. Stay safe - be prepared.


  1. I really like your section. I have a semi auto 30-06. But I really like .22 rifles. Yep, small arms. But they will stop anyone. Gut shot with a .22? They will no longer be a threat. Cheap ammo, good range. Plus if an enemy has been gut shot with a .22 most likely a buddy will help remove him from the battlefield. Two for the price of one. Plus your enemy will have to take care of him, but he will eventually die without modern medical care from the infection. I also really like the Remington 870 12 gauge for close quarters. Very reliable, and not very expensive. I have some handguns, but I wouldn't want to rely in them except for an emergency backup.

  2. you'd be way ahead with a 9mm pocket pistol and a Marlin Papoose .22 takedown autorifle. you can't carry both the rifle and the shotgun and a backpack. How to tell if you need long range and penetration, or speed up close and rapidfire, hmm? you want an M4 223 auto, with a .22lr conversion, but it;s almost $1000. I'd borrow the money or sell other stuff, if need be, cause this is a very effective, versatile, fun combo.