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Sunday, May 16, 2010

After Armageddon 7 of 9 - A History Channel Program and Lessons Learned

After Armageddon continues in Week 19 with Chris, wife Ellen and son Casey continuing to walk through the hot Mojave desert - in daytime, rather than holing up during the day and walking at night.

When dehydrated, as Chris and his family are, decision making is impaired. A person can go two maybe three days without water but certainly the last 24 to 36 hours that person's physical and mental capabilities are greatly reduced.

When Chris approached the house and encountered the girl with the shotgun and took the shotgun away - he should have kept it, as well as searched the house for more ammunition. If there was no water, then he may have decided to take the girls with him and his family, they would die anyway - his wife may have been the best person to approach the children. I don't know - tough call. What would you have done? Certainly keep the shotgun I would.

Chris' argument with, then explosive behavior over his son not eating the snake meat is a result of extreme stress. If you can't keep cool, bad decisions will be made, and, in a survival group with people bearing firearms people very well may kill each other. Oh by the way, did you see how Chris killed the snake? Cutting his head off between the forked stick and the head - bad idea,,...once separated from the body the head could have flipped around and bite Chris. The head will remain dangerous for maybe several hours. Pin the head and cut behind the forked stick is much safer.

Chris finds luck where/when he could have least expected it with encountering the gentlemen he stopped to help days back, and ended up with a ride to a small community, where he and his family found shelter.

Small communities have the best chance of surviving extreme scale collapses of the economic, infrastructure and/or of a pandemic nature. Maintaining order may be hard unless entities such as governmental organizations, such as the elected community council and law enforcement, remain intact.

Religious organizations may become powerful enough to be the key decision making cog in small communities. If you end up at one, RUN AWAY if they have mandatory religious meetings. Our founders never intended our clergy to run the government, only provide religious and moral direction to those who desire it.

However, if a community if going to survive, mandatory meetings and decision making power will have to accepted and respected.

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