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Saturday, May 1, 2010

After Armageddon 1 of 9 - A History Channel Program and Lessons Learned is planning on posting the History Channel Program previously reviewed here, and will provide commentary after each of the nine clips. Follow Chris and his family and us as we look at a fictional scenario following a collapse from a pandemic.

Obviously Chris from the video was not in the least prepared. Little to no Survival Gear or Equipment, certainly no long arms or pre-packaged items ready to go like Survival Bug Out Bags or other grouping of organized equipment; Chris waited much too long to leave the city which would have been a different matter if he had been better prepared; he was making decisions on what material and property to take with him and his family - packing at the last moment; no task organized of Survival Groups - we feel like this is essential to Urban Survival; Chris did not adequate plan routes of egress (leaving) the city; and, he demonstrated an lack of ability to recognize legal or illegitimate authority which would be pretty common in our minds.

This part of the excellent History Channel program brings up several key points: What are you going to do in a society without law and order? What are you going to do when forced to leave your home for your own safety? Where would you go? What are you prepared to do?

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  1. There is a new advertisement about 37 foods that will sell out when SHTF, but they don't list them or give them and want you to buy books?

    I think the site was ?

    Does anyone know what they are or have read the books? Are they legit books worth reading?