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Sunday, May 9, 2010

After Armageddon 4 of 9 - A History Channel Program and Lessons Learned

Week 16 finds Chris returning to his after an ill fated venture out to get more groceries and see what is going on in the wake of all electronic forms of media being shit down. He see's dead bodies and looters near his house and quickly gets home and throws clothing articles around the front lawn to try and pass as a house already looted.

Chris' wife Ellen is upset, the looters get next door then Chris finally decides to packup and leave. A commentator aptly points out that at some point the city (and suburbs) will be inhabitable and you will have to leave. has been pointing this fact out and saying that you better be prepared to leave on a moment's notice and have a pan on where to go.

Chris, Ellen and son Casey spend valuable time packing up what they think they will need on their journey. Another commentator talks about Survival Bug Out Bags also called Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD) bags and the necessity to take important documents like passports, bank records, etc., with you.

Watch the below video and think what you would have done differently having stayed much too long before deciding to Bug Out.

Aside from the fact that Chris and his family decided to leave their Urban environment much, much later than prudent, when he did leave he had no planned route other than to make it to the freeway leading out of Los Angeles. We have previously talked the importance of a planned route to a planned safe location. Not only a route but several using the PACE plan,...remember PACE,..Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency. You need to be able to effortlessly transition from one route to another when the first route is untenable or un-traffickable.

Chris did not prepare his vehicle very well either. One flat tire that he abandons the vehicle to go on foot and then was unprepared to rapidly execute a new plan to go on foot. We advocate several full up spare tires and tools to change tires and repair common problems that you can deal with. Spare fuel cans keep empty in your garage then filled up at events prior to a collapse would give you an extended range as well as barter items on your trip. Or Chris could have siphoned fuel from some of the abandoned vehicles in his neighborhood prior to leaving.

Recognize Chris' mistakes which are essentially of a planning deficit. You have got to plan and execute better if you want to do better than Chris. No amount of the latest Survival Gear and Equipment, nor Gold and Silver will make up for a poor plan.

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