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Showing posts with label Economic-Financial and other Indicators. Show all posts

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Urban Survival Planning - More Reason to Get Prepared

The Urban Survivor planning grabbing his/her Survival Bug Out Bug, loading all other Survival Gear and Equipment and "getting out of Dodge" enroute to their planned Safe Location, needs to time the withdrawal correctly. Too late to Bug Out and you may find yourself trapped in the city or suburbs with dwindling food and threats all around.

A Decision Matrix where you track various information concerning the economic-financial, political, health and other circumstances would allow the Urban Survivor to determine additional steps in Survival readiness and preparedness for hunkering down at your present Urban-Suburban location or for the tactical withdrawal to the safe location.

Thins are not looking good out in the world right now.

Iran is continuing to develop a nuclear capability. The Chinese, our biggest creditors, are blocking meaningful sanctions. War or even just a military strike by the Israelis will plunge the Middle East in additional turmoil and drive up fuel prices therefore the prices of food and other commodities placing us closer to economic collapse.

Unemployment is killing the United States. The Obama Health Care bill will add additional taxes and drive more people out of work and into entitlement programs further worsening our situation.

The government reported 162,000 jobs added in March 2010. 48,000 of these were Census workers and an additional 40,000 were Temporary Services. The rolls of people unemployed or over 27 weeks increased by 414,000. The list of discouraged workers, that is people not longer looking for work increased by 309,000.

More small business failed in Jan, Feb and Mar 2010 in all of 2009.

The United States credit status where we enjoy a Trip A (AAA) bond rating may be lowered to a double A (AA) status thereby increasing our interest payments on the debt to the Chinese and others, further increasing he National Debt now standing at 12.7 Trillion dollars, and, increasing interest rates for all consumers.

Now, is there any reason you are not doing all you can do to get prepared for some time of collapse, most probably economic and financial in nature? Or at least considering steps to make yourself more self-sufficient?