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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Urban Survival Planning - Survival Decision Matrix and Tasks List

We wrote in an earlier post about having a Urban Survival Decision Making Matrix and a Survival Tasks List that you would wargame against possible events in order to determine what you had to do, what steps you have to take, what protocols you implement, etc.

This is a living document. One of the easiest things for you to do is to carry a 3x5 card or small notebook and pencil with you where ever you go so you can write down things that come to you and not forget these "little" ideas be they small tasks you don't want to forget or items of Survival Gear and Equipment and you need to research, procure, make or trade for.

Even though you are planning for a collapse, life goes on. I had to buy a new Bar-B-Que gas grill since my wife was hosting a small party and was ashamed of the old beat up grill. At the hardware store I was asked is I wanted a propane tank to go with the $99 grill I bought. I initially said "no", then changed my mind and yes, I'll take a propane tank. Now I have three propane tanks and two are always full. In a total collapse it's either cooking with propane until it runs out or using a wood fire.

Besides a full propane tank is a great barter item. How much in trade do you think I would get for a full propane tank, say 3 months after an infrastructure collapse?

Buying the extra propane tank also made me realize that I need to keep my large propane tank for the house water heater and stove filled as well. So I checked the gauge and it read 30%. I called the gas company and ordered a re-fill then made a note on my Survival Decision Matrix to never let that tank get below 50%.

This allows me to have fuel for hot water and cooking for 4 to 6 months after a collapse,....if I stay here that long, before moving to my Safe Location.

This is an example of a living Urban Survival Preparation plan. You should be always be modifying and refining your plan, your Survival Decision Matrix and Tasks List.

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