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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – Intrinsic Value: Gold, Silver and Barter Items

Urban Survival Planning – Intrinsic Value of Barter Items has wrote several times that we feel there will be three distinct modes of purchasing/barter after a collapse.

Stage 1 will be shortly after a collapse where people will believe things will go back to normal and will still accept U.S. dollars, albeit maybe at greatly inflated prices. Stage 2 will be where people may only accept gold or silver for purchase, and Stage 3 would be the primarily acceptance of only material goods,, fuel, tools, firearms, seeds, batteries, etc. Over time, Gold and Silver may make a come back as a mode of exchange and purchase.

We believe there is no intrinsic value for money, or gold and silver for that matter as it only serves as a method of exchange if two parties agree that it has value. Historical examples of the value of gold, silver or melt value of coins and jewelry aside, you just can’t eat gold or silver. You can’t plant gold or silver and make it grow. You can’t shoot it unless you need to hand cast silver bullets during a werewolf epidemic. It just has minimal if any intrinsic value.

Having said all that, we still believe gold and silver bullion has a place in your Survival Plan, as well as silver coins for their silver melt value. In a deep collapse with the suffering from disease, starvation and threats maybe the better value for your money is Survival Gear and Equipment for use as barter items. We have written a previous post on barter items, available here, but to re-cap items such as firearms, ammunition, food, medicines and medical supplies, tools, fuel and seeds top the list.

We’re interested in what our readers think. Please drop a comment and let us know what you think.

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