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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – Survival Equipment Ready Buckets

This post is Urban Survival Planning – Survival Equipment Ready Buckets and is intended to be a companion to the last post on Storage Containers which described various plastic buckets with lids and surplus military ammunition cans as great way to organize and storage your Survival Gear, Equipment and Material.

The new Urban Survivalist preparing for a collapse will undoubtedly be concerned with how he/she is going to protect and feed themselves or his/her family. This is natural and probably one of the most important aspects of Urban Survival Preparation. It is certainly one of them ore expensive aspects buying Survival Equipment and Gear such as firearms and ammunition; canned, dehydrated and bulk food; camping gear such as sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, compasses, etc;

The Urban Survivalist must also look other items of follow on Survival importance such as mechanical tools; canning equipment; durable clothing and footwear.

One of best uses for the larger plastic paint can type buckets are to store and label these other important Survival items so they won’t get left behind.

A plastic bucket, labeled ”Hand Tools” and storing a hammer, hand rip saw, hand hack saw, screwdriver set, boxes of various nails and screws would be a handy kit to rapidly identify for use at the Urban home prior to a bug out to the Safe location but also ensure it gets identified and placed into your vehicle when you are preparing to move. Think about additional hammer, nails and common tools as these would allow more work to be accomplished at once, or become a viable barter item.

Another plastic bucket, labeled “Sockets and Bolts” could serve to hold a metric and standard socket set, rachet, large and small crescent wrenches, and a supply of common bolts, washers, lock washers and nuts.

Maybe a bucket labeled “PVC repair kit” with various PVC connectors and extensions, elbows, cleaner and PVC glue would be a good idea along with a bundle of PVC pipe to fashion or repair water lines.

Another good idea would be a bucket labeled “Camping Utensils” with metal or plastic spoons, forks, metal plates, metal cups,…maybe a coffee pot, four quart bucket, frying pan and whatever you think also may be of use

Without a doubt you should consider a bucket labeled “toilet” with a supply of plastic bags to line the bucket, toilet paper, handy wipes or diaper wipes, water less hand cleaner or sanitizer, maybe some tampons if women are in your survival group.

Remember that these buckets are dual use. They can serve as seats, tables, store other items such as food when you procure plants and be used to collect water.

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