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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Urban Survival Gear and Equipment - Product Review - Gerber Onyx 50 flashlight

Great little flashlight, small enough to put in any pocket and runs on our favorite battery a "AA" that we can recharge as opposed tot the expensive, but excellent and high lumen Surefire flashlights that run on a DL123 or CR123 type battery (not rechargeable).

We think one or two Surefire in medium lumen (60 or so) and high Lumen output (120+) are great and essential Survival Equipment to have, especially when combined with a firearm and used when lighting up a search area, but in a collapse you will rapidly run out of batteries unless you stockpile a butt load of them and even then the batteries can degrade. We have based on light, both flashlights and lanterns around AAA or AA batteries since they can easiy and quickly recharged through a 12 volt system.

The Gerber Oynx is small (see the scale photograph against a dollar bill); put outs acceptable light for most tasks (30 lumens); has a LED instead of a bulb which is breakable; in-expensive at around $20; works on one (1) AA battery; and, has a push button on/off tail cap.

The Gerber Onyx is well made in an aluminum housing and the housing barrel is flattened for a better grip Great piece of Survival Kit and well priced.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Urban Survival Gear and Equipment – Product Review on SOG Power Lock Tool

One of the better pieces of Survival Gear or Equipment that we have seen lately is the SOG Power Lock Multi-Tool.

The version we tested is coated in Stainless Steel with a Black Oxide finish and comes with a nylon sheath.

There are several unique things about the SOG Power Lock Multi-Tool: the compound leverage that you gain through two gears at the pivot point allows you to cut through some pretty heavy wire; A crimper tool designed for crimping non-electric blasting caps onto detontation (det) cord but more useful for most people crimping electrical connections onto wire; flip up handle covers allowing for comfortable and safe use; Piano locks to secure tools for use; and many other tools probably the most useful being the robust needle nose pliers and cutting blade.

This tool is similar in size and dimension to other tools, from SOG, Gerber or Leatherman. Having a closed length of 4.6 inches, an open length of 7 inches, and a weight of 9.6 ounces this tool is approximately the same sized as earlier version of multi-tools you have seen.

This is now our Multi-tool of choice. Every Urban, Suburban or remote area Survivalist should have one handy and carry it on their body – not in their Survival Bug Out Bag. Although a second multi-tool in your Survival Bug Out makes sense as well.