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Friday, April 23, 2010

Urban Survival Preparation and Planning - Planting Fruit Trees

Readers of this site will identify with the concept of Urban living, short to medium term Urban Survival then a initiation of the Bug Out plan to the identified Safe Site.

We have written about caching Survival Gear, Equipment and Supplies near the Safe Location since the Urban Survivalist may not have the ability or time to pack everything up in a vehicle and take it to the safe location. In fact, a worst case scenario is that the Urban Survivalist would have to move on foot overland land to get to the Safe Location therefore only possessing what he/she could carry.

If your safe location is an already owned and occupied site or if it is such a site as Jim's old run down family cabin consider the possibility of planting some fruit trees or maybe even a pecan tree or two.

Every source of food you can grow, cultivate to have access to is going to come in handy. In a perfect post collapse survival world growing your own food using heirloom seeds, having stockpiled dehydrated canned or package food stuffs, having the Survival Equipment and knowledge to procure food through hunting and fishing, and, having fruit and nut trees all would serve to go along way in meeting your nutritional needs.

Even at you Urban Location, which will is most probability only serve for a short or medium term survival location after a full fledged collapse, planing not only a food garden but fruit trees may serve you well.

We recently planted several fruit trees: one apricot tree, one peach tree, and one pear tree to see what grows best in this area and to provide us with fruit during a crunch. Total costs including the trees, top soil and tree nutrients was $120 - fairly cheap in the long run.

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