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Monday, October 11, 2010

Urban Survival Planning - Gold and Silver versus Other Priorities received this comment/question from the last post on Gold and Silver Confiscation: Anonymous said...Good article and thanks for the link to Silver Monthly as they have good information on that site. I see that the Survival Movement is really common sense and not the radical militia thinking that some news organizations make it out to be. I am convinced that I need to better prepared and want to buy some Gold and Silver before it is no longer on option. Would you say that Gold and Silver are more important than some guns for self protection?

UrbanMan replies: Yes Sir, Silver Monthly, that is, is a very good site for information. It, as well as others, should be routinely visited by you in order to put together your "pending collapse indicators" and hence be more prepared to events to rapidly unfold.

The Survival Prepping movement is main stream and hinges on common sense. The same idea in other "cultures" such as the Church of Latter Day Saints" and even government websites such as the Homeland Security Federal Web site and State web sites such as Texas Prepares which have taken away much of the camo clad, gun toting, far right wing stereotype on Survivalists.

To meet your question, I would not say that Gold and Silver is more important than firearms. My first priorities would be to have a Bug Out Plan - where am I going to go when I need to and how am I going to get there, planning Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency routes and modes of travel; to have a Bug Out Bag to support this travel and survival; to have adequate firearms for protection.

Once I have met this immediate need, I would then start procuring survival gear, material and equipment to support long term survival. This would include clothing, long term food, field gear, and Gold and/or Silver. At this stage I would procure equally across the board rather than work off a list, as this would be like procuring a firearm piece by piece only to have the collapse hit when you were still a few pieces short of a full gun.

If you have, say a bunch of wool blankets and tarps, then maybe a good sleeping bag could be prioritized further down your list, because the wool blankets and tarps will work for now - not the best arrangement, but will work in a pinch. So prioritize based on your needs. Long term food, such as dehydrated food, is a priority for me, but I didn't buy a one year supply first before I solved other critical Survival Gear and Equipment needs. I bought a case here and there. See EarthWaveLiving for good deals on dehydrated foods, heirloom seeds and other survival items.

If I had a decent handgun and shotgun, I would probably start procuring other Survival items, including Gold and Silver purchasing, before I re-visited getting better guns. I think you see my message. Be safe and be ready my friend.

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