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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Question on Survival Techinques, Tactics and Procedures for Drone Attacks

UrbanMan received the following question from PNW, ....."This is one for Urban Man, I haven't seen this scenario posted on any blog yet: I was reading in the WSJ about increased drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan when I realized I may need to consider a defense/survival tactic regarding that. What if, under whatever scenario you can imagine, that became an aspect of the TEOTWAWKI? -PNW"

I have had very little to do with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's or drones), and absolutely nothing to do with the type of armed drones that wreck the occasional havoc on Islamic Fundamentalists in Waziristan that we read about from time to time.

But, okay, I'll bite on this hypothetical question on what would I do to combat drones if used against me by a rogue government or if this country was taken over by foreign forces.

I believe it was in the excellent Survival series "Enemies: Foreign and Domestic", drones were used by an oppressive government, and then sometimes in support of foreign troops on U.S. soil to combat "rebels", who were of course U.S. Citizens desiring a measure of peace and the opportunity to live with unalienable freedoms that Americans have came to know, and in some cases, take for granted.

If I remember correctly, the "rebels" in this series used a combination of Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTP's) to lessen the effectiveness of the drone attacks. Some of those TTP's included: having informants in the ranks of the rogue government to pass information on drone capabilities and current focus on aerial patrols and targets; using covert and clandestine surveillance on drone launch sites to alert when drones were becoming airborne and when they have landed; and, target (direct action against) drone operators or the drone operations centers/launch airfields.

Using the best covered and or concealed routes for movement and locations for base camps; using heavy duty vinyl ponchos and rain suits to minimize thermal signature to neutralize the drone's thermal cameras; get real good at traveling undercover of a legitimate activity.

Other than that my friend, what can you do? If anybody has some TTP's on drone defense that is applicable to an open and unclassified forum like this, then there are probably many of us who would like to hear from you.


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  2. hmmm. here is a thought since drones use infrared and FLIR technology to counter this its simple go buy yourself a space foil blanket trace a long john pattern and sew it together. the thermal blanket will shield your body heat enough to reduce your heat signature....

  3. and then wear the thermal long johns under your camos, remember the foil blankets hold in 90 % of the heat for survival.... so why wouldn't it work in reverse....

  4. there is a good article on a professor 'spoofing' a military drone. i will attempt to find it and post a link. there is the potential for using a 'microwave gun' to drop a drone. my favorite idea at the moment, that i am attempting to work out which is simply a higher powered radio jammer, this would not drop a drone from the sky but would stop them in their 'tracks' until they run out of power or receive instruction to continue. all of these ideas are almost too new to show any data for since it has been a year or so that people have been worried about this in enough numbers to make it a marketable item, heres a few links that may be useful:

    there is tons of info on the subject at the moment though most of it is theoretical at best and applied theory on the good days.