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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Societal Collapse - Part I: Plagues and Diseases

Ran across this video and will post them to let the readers decide what validity it has. You have to listen to the end. This gent brings up some valid points,.... ....first about municipalities going broke and not being to pay for services such as law enforcement, emergency response, then probably utilities such as electricity, water and the all important garbage removal.

His second valid point is the the cities will become smaller,..hell, they may even empty out as there is no way to sustain life with any type of society as we know it. Food will be scare and that will force people to the rural areas.

His third point is that the general health will deteriorate and bring on diseases and sickness from the uncontrolled spread of illnesses and lack of sanitation.

His final point is that the collapse is not the end but a transition and says the future will belong to those who prepare.

I think this guy gets it and wish I could get more people, such as my relatives, on board with this pattern of thought.

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