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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Urban Survival Gear - My Basic Kit: Load Bearing Vests and Firerarms

When asked about my personal kit, I very seldom get into detail, because it'll take awhile to explain what I have and why. I have two basic Load Bearing Vest packages including rucks with water bladders.

My first kit shown is actually my alternate kit and what I call my lightweight load bearing vest.  It is designed around a Blackhawk Chest and back plate carrier, in sand or tan color. I have four pistol magazines pouches on the chest and two first aid packet pouches; two dump pouches (one on each side) round out this vest. The rifle picture is a Rock River M-4 clone, with a Surefire light on a Surefire M73 rail, a Luepold CQT scope and GG&G back up iron sights.  I am using a Spec Opns Mamba sling - just haven't replaced them with the two new V-Tac slings I have on my desk. 

My heavier kit is comprised of a London Bridge Tradining Company load bearing vest. It will carry six 30 round P-Magazines. I have three pistol magazine pouches on the chest (for Glock magazines); one utility pouch on one side (holding mini-binos, small survival tin and several nutrition bars) and a full up First Aid Kit on the other. On the outside of the first aid kit, I carry an additional first aid pouch for a battle dressing, several band-aids and alcohol preps to use on other people.  I have a radio pouch and when not in use it can hold two more 30 round magazines.  I also have a smaller pouch for a Surefire A2 Aviator light.

The weapon shown below is my primary gun and is another Rock River M-4 clone with a very old Bushnell red dot scope that preceeded the EO Tech.  I have been using it for many years and am comfortable with it.  This gun has a pistol grip, another Surefire light and a UTG folding Bi-Pod. This gun also has a Spec Opns Mamba Sling, which is a great sling the way I modify it, but will soon be replaced with Kyle Lamb's V-TAC sling once I get un-lazy.

Both Load Bearing Rigs have Camel-Bak bladders on the back.  I have several other lighter rigs such as Blackhawk Chest Carriers (like the old Chicom AK magazine bandolier type) one set up for an M-14, one for an M-1 carbine and one set up for a 12 gauge pump riot gun.


  1. Remember to know how to use ALL that fancy scopes and what not on your AR-15/ M-4 rifles. Good old fashion iron sights are the way to go! If you can’t see at night, hide well!

    1. I couldn't agree more. Way too many shooters rig up with all kinds of unnecessary, fragile equipment that they're usually not very familiar.
      Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.) should be the rule of thumb.
      Hell, nowadays most "riflemen" don't know how to use iron sights & have ZERO idea of what a rifle sling is for, other than lugging the damn thing around.

  2. How about a knife or a bayonet for the M-4s? You never know.

    1. AK bayonets make great heavy-duty survival knives --- the bayonet & sheath can even be joined to form a wire-cutter that'll go through everything from concertina wire to battery cables.

  3. Excuse my ignorance, but why not have a small caliber handgun with your Load bearing kit?

  4. Excalbr8 here: DO you have magazine pull devices on your magazines? What type (manufacture) of magazines do you recommend for the M-4.

  5. They will be safe and you will be left to fend for yourself. The average home can survive 3 days without replenishing supplies. Could you handle living with no plumbing, electricity, police and fire services? Alot of people thought Noah was a fool, they were wrong.

  6. When katrina caused the lights to go out or be turned off, it took less than three days for things to deteriate. There was a killing over a bag of ice. I had no problems because i was semi prepared at the time. I am much better prepared now but when the police can;t be counted on, things get bad quick.

  7. I'd hate to have to hit the ground in a hurry, possibly while under fire, with all of that crap strapped to my chest.
    The old but reliable ALICE set-up, with your canteens & ammo pouches ON THE SIDES makes a lot more sense.

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