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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Urban Survival Skills - Making Expedient Ice received this in an e-mail from an alike minded Survival Prepper,….."Urban Man thought you may want to let everyone know how to make expedient ice. In a collapse we probably won't have electrical power for refrigerators or freezers."

Absolutely true. In the aftermath of a collapse, or maybe just in a State like California or Illinois which are bankrupt and can't pay their bills let alone the utilities bill, frequent power blackouts leading to a total electrical grid infrastructure failure would be the projection.

Urban Survivors would have to do what their ancestors did,...can produce, jerk or dry meats and dehydrate vegetables. Building a cellar well into the ground with a well insulated container or room can produce storage temperatures well below the ambient air temperature on the surface.

A reader's contribution to the projected lack of a power and therefore lack of cold storage is the below instructions on how to make field expedient ice.

Making field expedient ice

Items/Material needed:

Ammonium Nitrate

A Bucket or Large Pot

A Smaller Metal Bowl


Measuring Containers - At least two of these.

Mixing the coolant for making the ice:

1. Mix equal parts of ammonium nitrate and water in the bucket.

2. Fill the bucket 3/4 of the way full with the mixture.

3. Place a smaller metal bowl on top of the rim of the bucket or large pot.

4. Fill the smaller metal bowl half full of water.

5. It will take several hours for the water to freeze into ice. has not tried this but is interested in any reader having experience using this method and any associated tips.

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