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Friday, July 2, 2010

Urban Financial Survival - The Dollar Not a Good Bet for the Future

The below video is Gerald Celente, discussing the upcoming devaluation of the U.S. and the world wide economic slump.

This is even more reason to not only prepare for tough times, but to possess some precious metals in the form of Gold and Silver. I am a big silver fan, both bullion and coins for silver melt value.

By the way, not like the Stock Market is the best indicator, but this is the seventh or eight consecutive day of a down turn. Protect yourselves. Oh and another by the way, can't protect yourself adequately just by moving money around into "safe" low growth entities. Think stockpiled food (even Glenn Beck is advocating it!), survival gear, equipment and firearms. And above all, a plan to weather the storm, including a Bug Out plan.

Learn how to garden. In fact, there is a growing Urban Garden/Farming movement as people are instinctively wanting to be able to grow their own food, and/or, trying to reduce their monthly grocery bill. Anyway, this video is depressing, so I thought I'd share with everyone.

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