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Friday, July 16, 2010

Urban Survival - Financial Planning with Silver Melt and Bullion Comment received a comment on the post "Financial Survival Planning – Melt Value of Silver...",…. “Silver Bullion Coins said…..Hi friend, I read your post. Really this post is very interesting about financial survival planning. Which melt value of silver coin. Really I thankful to you for providing this unique information.”

UrbanMan replies: Thanks for your comment. 
I would suggest buying silver one ounce rounds rather than stockpiling coins for silver melt value, as I believe there will be more people who recognize one ounce silver rounds and other weights of silver bullion, than there will be people who can recognize and calculate the silver melt value of coins. I guess you can always calculate the value of silver in the silver melt coins as a percentage of the price of silver per ounce, however the guy with five gallons of gas you need to buy/barter for may not be able to make that calculation,...hence the majority of your precious metals in Silver bullion and then in one ounce rounds would be my recommendation.

Today's (July 15, 2010) silver melt value prices…....

Jefferson War Nickel, 1942-1945
silver melt value $1.03

Mercury Dime, 1916-1945
silver melt value $1.32

Roosevelt Dime, 1946-1964
silver melt value $1.32

Washington Quarter, 1932-1964
silver melt value $3.31

Walking Liberty Half Dollar, 1916-1947
silver melt value $6.62

Franklin Half Dollar, 1948-1963
silver melt value $6.62

Kennedy Half Dollar, 1964
silver melt value $6.62

Kennedy Half Dollar, 1965-1970
silver melt value $2.71

Morgan Dollar, 1878-1921
silver melt value $14.15

Peace Dollar, 1922-1935
silver melt value $14.15

Eisenhower Dollar, 1971-1976
silver melt value $5.78

Silver Eagle (1 oz), 1986-2008
silver melt value $18.29

I already have a decent supply of coins for silver melt value. Some I inherited, others I have collected from going through loose change. I won;t be buying anymore, instead concentrating any additional purchases of Silver in one ounce rounds.

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