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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Urban Survival Gear and Equipment - Reader's Bug Out Bag Comment received the following comment on your post "Survival Bug Out Bag - Fire Starting Kit,…..”Anonymous said,….A knife would not be bad either with a good old fashion magnifying glass for every bug out bag.”

UrbanMan replies. Thanks for the comment. Good point on the magnifying glass, especially for people who are dependent upon reading glasses to read fine or close up print. I am that way,..20-20 and 20-15 eyesight even at my age, but need reading glasses to read the finest print on maps and documents. The magnifying glass will also let you start a fire and is easy enough to learn so everyone can do it.

It would be a good idea for people needing reading glasses to buy a small compact pair or two of cheap reading glasses,..they can be purchased from Wal-Mart, WalGreens, etc., in hard vase, and place in Survival Bug Out Bags. I also keep a credit card sized magnifying glass in my Survival Kit.

As far having a knife is concerned. My practice is to wear one on my belt and one my Load Bearing Vest, as well as have some type of multi-tool in my Bug Out Bags. In case you are separated from your Bug Out Bag, you will still have some Survival tools on your person. The items I carry on my person (in my pockets) are again a good fixed knife, fire starting kit (another in my Bug Out Bag) and at least two silver rounds.

The new SOG Tool, called the Power Lock, you can read about it here, is the latest and best tool in the multi-tool, multi-plier category, however I only have one of those. I have about ten or eleven other multi-tools (Gerber Multi-Tool, Leatherman Wave, etc.) spread through Bug Out Bags, other gear bags and the occasional book shelf or kitchen counter, much to my wife’s chagrin.


  1. Credit card size Fresnel lens from Edmund Scientific perfect for BOB.

  2. Good information and good tips on all the bug out items. Can you do a couple short videos on fire-starting for those if us who don't do it very often? Also with the metal sticker creating sparks technique? Thanks.

  3. What about those small survival kits that come in tins and small plastic containers? Are they worth the purchase?

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