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Monday, July 5, 2010

Urban Survival Medicine - Reader Question on Anti-Biotics received a comment on the "Survival Base Camp Medical Kit" post,.....Anonymous asked,......."why not more anti biotics? Don't see alot of other medications on your list. Is it just about storage life?"

UrbanMan replies: Storage life and procurement of the anti-biotics which are prescriptions medications are the problem. I'm not willing to do anything illegal,.....ask me that the day of the collapse. There are some anti-biotics you can get without a prescription in some states, such as Penicillin from Animal Feed Stores. In fact I can remember some humorous conversations with my Vet when he told me some of his clients falsely obtained medications intended for large animals like horses, and gave them to people like their wife's. He had me rolling with that. But seriously, if you knew how to calculate weights and doses this may be an option for some of the Survivalist's anti-biotic needs.

Another option or a supporting endeavor would be to utilize plants and herbs that have medicinal anti-biotic properties. Some of these plants are:

Cats Claw. A Jungle or wetland herb that has been touted as good for infections.

Licorice Root, which is well known herb with anti-viral properties.

Golden Seal Root and St Johns Wort for viral support.

Aloe Vera Plant which the gel or sap from the leaves are used for a variety of problems to include as a substitute for triple-antibiotic gel and to keep a wound moist and prevent bandages from sticking.

Four Wing Saltbush, aka Chamisa which is natural growing feed for ruminants like cattle and goats. Four Wing Saltbush has been used as a fever reducing tea.

Horse Nettle, which has been used to clear sinus; as well as Mormon's Tea which made into a bitter tea is a decongestant. This is good to know as colds can travel from your head into your chest then the danger of pneumonia is greatly increased.

Goldenrod is a favorite of medicinal herbalists. One use is chewing the leaves to relive toothaches. What are you going to do about dental care after a collapse?

Learn these plants, and how to grow them. More information about home remedies can be found on

Survivalists need to ensure their preventative care is of utmost importance. Immediately wash and disinfect all cuts, scratches and wounds. Teach your Survival Group First Aid skills, in fact make this a recurring class and build on their skill sets.

We will be doing a future post of OTC Pharmacy products for your pharmacy kit. Stay tuned. Stay aware. Stay Alive. Always wanted to say that.

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