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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Importance of Owning Silver

This is the message I received from Lear Capital through the American Patriot Daily Net:

Dear Investor, Right now there is very exciting news in the silver market. The largest investment bank in the country today is JP Morgan Chase & Co. In 2012, they held 5 million ounces of silver in their corporate account. However, recent reports have revealed that JP Morgan Chase now holds a staggering 55 million ounces of silver! That’s an increase of tenfold. Just last year, JP Morgan Chase purchased 8 million ounces. That’s a lot of silver for anyone to buy-even an investment giant like JP Morgan Chase. What could they possibly know about silver that we don’t?

Let me tell you what JP Morgan Chase’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, said in a letter to his shareholders, “Some things never change - there ‘WILL BE’ another crisis, and its ‘IMPACT’ will be felt throughout financial markets.“ So here we are. The CEO of the country’s largest bank is telling his shareholders - THERE WILL BE another crisis - and to protect shareholder value, they are buying silver by the hundreds of tons.

Don’t you think it’s time that you consider owning physical silver?

Need another reason?

$21 an ounce. That’s the all-in production cost it takes the average mine to process one ounce of silver. Right now silver is trading just below that threshold.

The last time you could purchase silver below its production costs was 2002. Guess who famously bought 30% of the world’s above ground silver supply back then?

Warren Buffett. Two years later, he doubled his money. So, JP Morgan Chase & Warren Buffett, two of the most successful investors on the planet, both stocked up on silver at a price below production cost. Buffett bought right before a crisis happened. JP Morgan is buying right before what they think will be another financial crisis.

Stocks are at record highs. Debt is soaring. Uncertainty in the world is at historic levels. Silver is on sale right now and JP Morgan Chase knows it-just like Warren Buffett knew it in 2002. Now that you know it, will you let this opportunity pass you by?

Okay, you don't have to get the free investor kit,.......I won't because I don't need it. I routinely buy silver, both in one ounce rounds and bars, and five ounce bars, plus junk silver coins as well.

Silver prices have dropped a little from the 2016 high in August and are currently (13 October 2016) sitting at $17.55 an ounce. We're not buying Silver so we can sell and make a few bucks per ounce profit waiting for the high to climb a a little,.....we're buying Silver as a hedge against the collapse where fiat currency won't be worth anything but precious metals will be used in barter. And if this country comes back, maybe we'l have learned our lesson and have a gold based currency. In the this coming election, which appears that the corrupt Hilary Clinton will win, the Market is going to have major issues, major losses and Gold/Silver prices will climb. Don't wait too long now. Practically everyone can afford to buy one or more 1 ounce rounds every payday - just think of it as re-directional spending.

But just don;t take my word for it, Reagan Budget Director David Stockman warns that the nation will plunge into a recession, even though Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election. "When the stock market stumbles and the economy begins to actually register negative growth, which I think is coming if not next quarter certainly in the first half of next year, there's going to be nothing below and the market is going to go through a massive contraction," said Stockman. "I think it's going to be a very nasty time in the year ahead," he added.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Urban Bug Out after the Collapse

Received this message from an Urban Survivor: ”Dear Urban Man. I have recently came across this site and have found it very informative and eye-opening. It got me thinking a little bit about what will I be able to do. I live in the greater (city deleted) area, living paycheck to paycheck, in a small 2 bedroom apartment, with my wife and 7 month old baby. For supplies we only have a weeks worth of food tops, a Ruger GP100 and a Winchester M12 with about 50 rounds each. Also some camping gear I like to hold on to (sleeping bag, ponchos, old army ruck sack). Not much, but it's what I have to work with. What advice if any would you be able to provide myself and for people living in these apartment buildings, if any, should the need arise to bug-out? Thank you.”

UrbanMan’s response: I intentionally left this gent’s name and city off, but suffice to say it was a large city on the Northeastern coast.

Unless a substantial part of your apartment complex population are prepared, equipped and can act as a cohesive unit, your best bet is to develop a Bug Out plan. You are reduced simply by the nature of geography on what direction you can go. You are hampered by the fact that one of you, your wife or you, will have to be a full time caretaker of the baby for several more years. You have a good start on a survival firearms battery with the Ruger GP100 and the Winchester Model 12 shotgun.

You Bug Out plan should consider a safe place to go, outside of normal refugee routes, possibly is the mountainous areas to your West. If you do not know anybody in a remote or rural location, then you may want to consider some weekend trips to do so. A lot of small communities are slowly dying. Looking around and letting people know that you are thinking of re-locating is a good way to get the feel of the area and to meet some people. You don’t need to articulate that you would be re-locating there just ahead of a Zombie mob or Mushroom cloud. You may have some close friends who do have some other friends of relatives in rural – remote areas.

As far as how you are getting there the best option is to be able to get ahead of the crowd of refugees. That’s means being ready to execute your Bug Out plan before all hope is lost or even if the situation is still undetermined. You probably be using a vehicle. It’ll pay to always keep your vehicle in some stage of readiness such as with some gear loaded and a fuel tank probably never below ¾ full. If you plan requires travel at the very limit of your vehicle range, then to pre-stage fuel cans and to fill them when the small indicators of a collapse start tingling your spidey sense.

A well stocked Bug Out bag for you and your wife is a requirement. Sleeping bags, ponchos, survival gear like multiple lighters, knifes, Gerber or Leatherman pocket tools, flashlights are all necessary; canteens and hydration packs are very necessary as well. I would put long stay food like MRE’s and/or Main Stay Food bars in my Bug Out Bags. A bucket or two of Wise type Survival meals and larger water containers like five gallon water jugs would be in my vehicle.

I would choose my routes out of the city carefully, avoiding the more dangerous choke points like narrow bridges and two lane roads. Have multiple routes so that you can transition from your primary to alternate to contingency to emergency (PACE) as necessary. Have some linkup points that are easy to find and that provide some cover and/or concealment in case you and your wife get separated.

Consider a couple more firearms so that you and your wife each have a handgun and a long gun. I think you priority on weapons now would be a decent repeating rifle. An AR platform such as an civilian M-4 is great, but you would not be handicapped much a pump action or small magazine fed semi-auto rifle.

I would also think about adding some Silver coins, bullion or old U.S. silver coins for their melt value to my Bug Out bags. They may come in handy. Have adequate amount of ammunition for each firearm.

Read the Survival Chronicles of Jim, from Chapter 1 to present and you’ll get an idea on how Jim and his plan and preps have evolved. Good luck to you.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Urban Survival - Financial Planning with Silver Melt and Bullion Comment received a comment on the post "Financial Survival Planning – Melt Value of Silver...",…. “Silver Bullion Coins said…..Hi friend, I read your post. Really this post is very interesting about financial survival planning. Which melt value of silver coin. Really I thankful to you for providing this unique information.”

UrbanMan replies: Thanks for your comment. 
I would suggest buying silver one ounce rounds rather than stockpiling coins for silver melt value, as I believe there will be more people who recognize one ounce silver rounds and other weights of silver bullion, than there will be people who can recognize and calculate the silver melt value of coins. I guess you can always calculate the value of silver in the silver melt coins as a percentage of the price of silver per ounce, however the guy with five gallons of gas you need to buy/barter for may not be able to make that calculation,...hence the majority of your precious metals in Silver bullion and then in one ounce rounds would be my recommendation.

Today's (July 15, 2010) silver melt value prices…....

Jefferson War Nickel, 1942-1945
silver melt value $1.03

Mercury Dime, 1916-1945
silver melt value $1.32

Roosevelt Dime, 1946-1964
silver melt value $1.32

Washington Quarter, 1932-1964
silver melt value $3.31

Walking Liberty Half Dollar, 1916-1947
silver melt value $6.62

Franklin Half Dollar, 1948-1963
silver melt value $6.62

Kennedy Half Dollar, 1964
silver melt value $6.62

Kennedy Half Dollar, 1965-1970
silver melt value $2.71

Morgan Dollar, 1878-1921
silver melt value $14.15

Peace Dollar, 1922-1935
silver melt value $14.15

Eisenhower Dollar, 1971-1976
silver melt value $5.78

Silver Eagle (1 oz), 1986-2008
silver melt value $18.29

I already have a decent supply of coins for silver melt value. Some I inherited, others I have collected from going through loose change. I won;t be buying anymore, instead concentrating any additional purchases of Silver in one ounce rounds.