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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Urban Survival Planning – Politics and Elections and What Does it Mean to Survival Planning?

Maybe some of you are like me, trying to makes heads or tails of the results of the mid term elections and how they apply to the possibility of an economic collapse or other catastrophic event and the planning/preparation for surviving. received a comment from Don Wand,..”It is not business as usual! Look around people! Sanity is an illusion, the world is falling apart at the seams physically and spiritually! We all need our house in order! We need survival gear now, not when our dollar is worthless! We all will need food and water! Get 15 Year Shelf Life Food Now!

Obviously Don Wand thinks there is no time to waste…..Frankly, neither do I.

It is interesting to see people’s comments on What will cause us to slide into a Survival situation and Whenthat may occur.

Discounting the 2012 Mayan Calendar-Collapse of Mankind Speculators, there are many valid political, social and economic indicators that may or will foretell a collapse or the beginning of a collapse. I think it is important for all individuals and groups planning for a future Survival scenario to understand that if and when a collapse hits and when it becomes time to fully execute Survival plans, all the experts are not going to be there with you.

So what does this mean? Maybe I’m thinking that while you should use the “experts” to help develop indicator criteria and keep the “experts” and their information close at hand and under constant review, each of us has to be individual responsible for what we do and don’t do for survival preparation and execution when necessary.

When I started writing this post, I had a thought centered around the concept that while most people believe that the economic outlook for this country, after yesterday’s election, would appear to be rising – this may not be the case. Many policies and a base direction were set the last two years that combined with gridlock in the Capital may just set the stage for something we cannot recover from.

If citizens of this country think that the last couple of years were rough, I hate to think what they would think if things got really rough,….Greece or Argentina like rough. I just believe, or maybe it’s just a sense of dread, that either any efforts won’t be enough to avoid a near future economic collapse or that no efforts will be made to forestall a collapse.

And my ideas on a collapse are not necessarily a dynamic collapse where you wake up one morning with banks closed, grocery stores empty and fuel scarce,…..I think that a much more likely scenario is a gradual economic collapse that spawns a much larger “have not” or even homeless segment of the population, sporadic regional based anarchy, flailing attempts by the government to control the situation and the population including implementation of martial law, and a general day to today fight for the commodities that we take for granted today.

Nothing has really changed, only a greater need to be prepared.

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