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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Dollar Meltdown and the Looming Financial Crisis

Yesterday I had a conversation with several people who just did not understand what inflation and the devaluation of the dollar on the world stage meant to them and their stability and survival. I told them I would get some short pieces of information together, but in the mean time to take a few moments and consider what sky rocketing prices of commodities means to them and their families.

Imagine all manner of foods we take for granted to be on store shelves not only costing hundreds of percent more, but becoming scarce. What are the tens of millions, if not over a hundred million, people who live hand to mouth going to do when they can no longer even afford simple foods?

When the Fed announced they were monetizing the debt and printing more money to buy government debt, I immediately ordered two more cases of long term storage food and finally bought the backup .308 rifle that I have been wanting.

On my immediate list (buy this week) are additional boots for my family. What are your plans?

For those of you really into the "why's" and "what for's" of the coming collapse of the dollar, you may find these books valuable.

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