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Monday, November 22, 2010

Preparing Now and Talking to People

Tim Ralston has left a new comment on the "Survival Planning - Inflation Likely to Drive Food Prices Up" post,...When it comes to emergency preparedness, most people I talk to think that nothing will ever happen to them - so why should I bother? It drives me NUTS - but I know I am not nuts. As a father of 3 small children, I have always tried to protect and provide for all their immediate and future necessities.
We have grown up in the age of consumerism and take for granted that there will always be food on the shelves. But in this economy, it will only take a small natural disaster, declaration of hyper-inflation, a truckers strike or possibly a shortage of water or gas to empty the stores shelves within hours. Just look what happened in Boston! Read it here:

Now, I can sleep in peace! I love having the peace of mind, the feeling of being empowered-- that my family and I are covered with the necessary emergency food, and survival supplies for the next 20 years at TODAYS prices for what ever comes our way.

Tim sounds like he has a good understanding of what he faces. Many more people need to get on board and quickly. A trip yesterday to the grocery store revealed that many commodities are way up in price, especially vegetables. Fuel is up in my area 22 cents in two weeks. The Fed wants to infuse more cash,...that's a nice way of saying "printing more money", and is pushing the Government to pass another stimulus bill. Spending ourselves into prosperity doesn't work for families,'s not going to work for this Country.

Always wanted to keep this site apolitical despite my conservative views,...but the cliff we are heading for is nasty. If you watch Glenn Beck, you'll hear him say "Buy clothes, buy food, buy gold and silver." Hell even George Soros, who is a billionaire and makes his living bankrupting countries and pushing a one world government is buying Gold like mad.

We need to do something each and everyday. Yesterday for me was restocking the pantry for immediate use foods. Today I bought some more "AA" LED lanterns, is hard to beat a portablel solar power to 12v battery to AA/AAA battery charger and power inverter for small power needs. I think AA/AAA batterys are going to be so important. I use them for flashlights, radios, lanterns, and scanners and cannoot do without them. I also bought a couple more 8x10 foot green tarps - which I'll spray with a light brown vinyl paint, and I bought some small packaged thermal underwear kits for our emergency extra clothing kit bags.

Back to Tim's comment: Yes, it is aggravating to try and tell people about the need to prep. And yes, a lot of them will think you are nuts, but you never know you try and talk to them. I talk to people for several reasons: 1 - get them to prepare for their own good and 2 - the better they are prepared, the lesser burden they will be on me, my family and my survival group.

I talked to a guy just two days ago and was surprised that he said words to the effect "that I was thinking about what I would do if everything crapped out. I have plenty of guns, but not alot of food." So I wrote down a couple websites for him to go to and gave him a copy of "Patriots", fact, what brought the conversation up was that he picked up "Patriots" from a chair and asked what this book was about. I'll give him a copy of "One Second After" to read once he returns "Patriots".

Anyway, this is my rant for the day.

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