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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Urban Handgun - Reader Comments and Replies received a comment on the response to reader question on Urban Handguns......... "Anonymous said,.... It's pretty hard to argue with your idea to standardize on a gun model and ammo, but here is another thought to consider. If the group all has Glock 9mm what do you do (after TSHTF) when you are low on ammo but all you can find for sale/barter is 38 cal? Why not do as you suggest picking the most popular/available ammo for each type weapon (handgun, shotgun, rifle) and then have a backup plan where 2 or 3 different weapons are kept so you can make use of "found" ammo down the road. So everyone gets a glock 17 as the primary handgun and the group picks up a couple .357 & .44 revolvers, a Army .45 a couple of 10 mm etc. My favorite caliber is 22 LR. A cheap way to bring meat to the table and deadly at close range.

UrbanMan's reply: I agree with your idea where you have several firearms of different calibers, .........this describes me and my firearms battery, although I have centered my main battery around .223 Remington in AR platforms and 9mm Glocks. I still have many firearms in different calibers, just in case. There will be some people who argue that if you prepared enough, you do not need to have a slew of additional firearms just to use ammunition they barter for or find.

I was reading into the reader question and believed that this "white collar" new survival group (as they describes themselves) was not to keen or committed to the idea of a well rounded survival battery of firearms. It almost seems distasteful for them to arm themselves, but the reader did ask if standardization was the right thing to do.

Funny thing that he did not ask for a recommendation of type of handgun. If a Survival group decided to arm themselves with only handguns, then I think one choice at the top of their list should be a high capacity 9mm semi-automatic like the Smith and Wesson Military and Police with or the Glock 17/19......and if they are going to limit their survival firearms battery to a handgun, then lots of magazines and plenty of ammunition is in order. I would try to talk them into a couple .22 LR handguns like you say,...especially if they have people in their Survival group and are not going to take weapons training seriously or maybe are physically unable to handle a center fire handgun.

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