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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Survival Chronicles of Jim – Chapter 3

Got a Shotgun! A Mossberg Model 500 Tactical. Mine is a standard blued model, but you can buy them in Mossy Oak or similar camouflage. To tell you the truth I can't remember the difference between Woodland and Mossy Oak or whatever. I remember the Survival guys telling me to stay away from camouflaged items as they tend to stand out and bring more scrutiny, particularly from persons of authority. I also purchased 25 rounds of #8 shot birdshot, 25 rounds of 00 buckshot and 10 rounds of 1 ounce Slugs to start. I plan on buying additional ammunition every month,…25 rounds here and there until I have a basic load. I also bought a 12 gauge brass bore brush but neglected to buy a cleaning rod, solvent and oil which I’ll pickup tonight on the way home.

I got to say having a shotgun in the house makes me feel a lot safer. I realize that I need to not only start shooting it regularly but to also get one of my Law Enforcement pals to give me some pointers. I really like the shot shell carrier on the collapsible stock of the shotgun where I can store six additional rounds of 12 gauge, as I am only loading three rounds in the tubular magazine as per guidance from the Survival guys. I am also going to order a V-TAC padded Tactical Sling from

I picked up a Camel Bak Talon backpack with hydration bladder to serve as my Survival Bug Out Bag. Added six of the MRE’s I was given and my extra flashlight batteries, but could not decide on storing my flashlight inside the Bug Out Bag or keep by my night stand. I understand now when I was told that a person needs multiple flashlights, a re-charger and a good store of re-chargeable batteries.
Until next time - stay prepared!