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Monday, March 7, 2011

Survival Rifle - M4 carbine versus SKS received an Anonymous said... Do I really need an M-4 rifle? I can get an SKS for $339. I know the ammo is more expensive and much harder to obtain, but how much better off am I going to be with an M-4 than an SKS? Thanks.

UrbanMan replies: If you are asking me what weapon would be the better choice for survival and protection, I would say, hands down, the M-4 carbine especially a gas piston version rather than the gas tube version. However, I would not feel slighted in the least with an older gas tube version. In fact, I have several of those.

The reasons I would choose the M-4, or even an AR-15 variant, is that this platform is more accurate than the SKS or the gun that replaced it, the Kalashnikov (AK-47, AKM and variants). Other reasons include: The M-4 in .223 Remington has great ammunition availability; good choice of different bullet configurations from 45 grain frangible, to 55 grain FMJ and tracer, 62 grain steel core penetrator (green tip), and heavier bullets to include the 64 grain PSP, 69 grain JHP and 77 grain JHP; the M-4 uses a detachable box magazine in 20 and 30 round variations and the magazines are plentiful; and, there are wide range of accessories available for this gun.

The SKS is a great gun but not nearly as accurate as the M-4/AR-15 platforms. It’s semi-fixed box magazine allows 10 rounds and then is not as easily to reload and get back into the fight as an M-4. It is a reliable weapon with a great round, the 7.62x39mm also known as the M43 Russian round.

But to really give the best answer I can I would have to know more, such as: Is the SKS or M-4 going to be your only weapon? Are you on a small budget and procurement of the M-4 would take all your funds, not leaving any for other survival equipment or material, particularly food procurement? If the answer is yes, then it would make sense to buy an SKS and an adequate supply of ammunition, say 1,000 rounds, then use the rest of your money to stock food and buy other essential kit for surviving the coming collapse.

I think the best approach for survival on a budget is to spend what you can on immediate needs (these are food, water, shelter and protection) then make future purchases as you can, working off a prioritization list. A firearm is a big purchase. If you procure food in small increments you may not even notice it much. A bag of rice and beans here, a box of bullion there,…..oatmeal, peanut butter, honey are all pretty cheap as well.

So in case I’m confusing you, I would buy the M-4 providing you have the funds to procure in other areas. If not, the SKS may make sense if it allows you to retain money for immediate procurement of food, survival equipment and material and maybe even start buying silver bullion.

Good luck to you and prepare well.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book Review – Green Eyes, Black Rifles, By Kyle Lamb

Although the beginning of this site is to provide an initial exposure to Survival and Preparedness oriented towards the relatively unprepared urbanite (or suburbanite), we are intending in the future to address issues and concerns for more serious practitioners of Survival preparedness and those would certainly include owners of M-4 or M-16/AR-15 type carbines and rifles. However, we have decided from time to time to reach past where we currently are and jump into advanced issues, equipment and concepts.

In that vein, we wanted to share our look at the book “Green Eyes & Black Rifles: Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine”, by Kyle Lamb.

The readers of this site may not be familiar with Kyle Lamb, a retired Special Forces Sergeant Major, but anybody who is anyone in the shooting and training world know who he is. Kyle is probably the most experienced and talented firearms instructor currently plying his trade. From Mogadishu to Bagdad, and other places to be sure, Kyle Lamb certainly has the credentials to explain the basic and advanced employment of AR type carbine/rifle.

If you own an AR type rifle (M-4 or various clones, M16 or various models) you WANT a copy of this book as it covers everything and more, from zeros; to positional shooting; to mounting, zeroing and using scopes; to training courses, etc. Our copies of this book are highly prized and even more secured (so they won’t wander off as good kit tends to do).

Publisher: Trample & Hurdle Publishers; 1st edition (January 17, 2008); ISBN-10: 0615166547; ISBN-13: 978-0615166544